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Despite her age, she is the fastest and strongest of all of her comrades, though lacks a desire for war and unnecessary bloodshed. These dreams terrified Rayla enough for her to dare to enter the Moon Nexus in order to make sure that the dark mage was gone for good. Believing that this meant for him to be alive, she agreed with Callum to hunt down Viren and kill him to make sure he would not get the chance to cause harm again. Ezran put a comforting hand on his older brother's shoulder. Rayla is as respectful as she is afraid of Sol Regem, due to his totalitarian and vengeful personality while being the former Dragon King. Rayla has not played a tabletop RPG before, and takes an unconventional approach to it. What happens when too many people show up for your star war? “I think that just added to the fire. However, upon seeing the young guard turn against his father and protect the true king, as well as the Dragon Prince, Rayla began to see Soren as more of an ally and the goofball he is. Rayla and Callum hugged back and then parted. The season marks some big moments for the plot, and for the characters’ interpersonal relationships. With each passing year, Callum’s drawings of his family are more detailed and realistic, and his memories of those he has lost are as strong and clear as ever. In fact, the pair wasn’t supposed to get together throughout the whole show. Callum, Ezran, Bait and A half grown Azymondias stood there fearing Rayla's life. callum as a prince; wanting to do emotional labour for rayla; reassuring hand on shoulder (callum with ezran in 2x03, ezran with callum in 3x09) “i want to talk to you about growing up, and how sometimes there are changes you don’t expect.” losing their birth dads; callum and rayla. When they met again later on, they got into another fight. But after reflecting on the character, the team realized he wouldn’t make that choice. 1. At odds with her commander, Runaan, she struggles to balance mercy and the weight of her responsibilities to Xadia. Sol Regem 26m. "Congrats by the way." Rayla admitted that Ezran was "worth losing a hand-over," as the magical armband that was hurting her arm requiring Ezran's death for it to be removed. So she and the princes fled with the egg so it could be returned to its mother. While the pairing seems natural — Rayla and Callum are the closest in age of all the main cast, and the bulk of this season features them alone together — their romantic pairing wasn’t originally in the cards for this season. Their relationship blossomed further as they neared the Storm Spire, becoming more comfortable with each other. Once they knew that Viren's army was approaching, Rayla insisted on staying to protect the Dragon Queen and told Callum to flee with Zym and Ezran, causing him to believe her decision to be made from pride, and after an argument Rayla storms off. However, after finding out the egg was intact, she set out with him and his brother to return the egg and she grew attached to the crown prince of Katolis to the point of worrying for the life of the boy she swore to kill. Rayla reciprocated his feelings and the two shared a kiss as they flew back to safety. She was overjoyed to see that her queen was alive and happy that she was able to return Zym to her. Rayla mmuttonn 207 16 My Heart for Xadia candyfoxdraws 131 3 Rayla rumineska 24 0 Rayla candyfoxdraws 33 0 Rayla's not a morning Elf Taipu556 34 4 Moonberry Serenade BrightsWanderings 34 2 Misc What if Callum massages Rayla's bare feet? [11] Although their relationship was a lot closer than it appeared on the surface, Rayla was not surprised when Runaan tried to kill her, after she tried to stop the assassins from completing their mission to kill King Harrow. The pair accidentally revealed their relationship to Ezran when they kissed in relief after Callum had used "Ventus Spiralis" to save the group from shortness of breath while climbing the spire. Rayla is a Moonshadow Elf and the youngest of a former band of assassins sworn to protect Xadia. 2. Resident Evil Village has a big vampire lady and fans love her, WandaVision hints at one of Marvel’s biggest evil organizations, The comic Easter eggs look more like plot threads, Servers turned off for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, WB Games turned off the servers on Tuesday, Pokémon Go Machop Community Day guide: start times and best movesets, Hitman 2 The Finish Line Mission Story walkthroughs, PC players will have to re-buy Hitman 2 levels to bring them to Hitman 3, Some Forsaken and Shadowkeep weapons return to Destiny 2 next month, Hitman 3 will use Google Stadia’s new save-sharing feature. [13], Ethari was one of the two elves who raised Rayla in place of her parents. She describes him as "smart, kind and brave" and titled him her best friend. She was willing to go as far as pushing Viren to his death before he could fully harvest Zym. When Rayla knew they would betray and kill the princes, she tried to warn Callum about it without success, so she made a diversion to prove they would betray them, where her distrust turned into hatred once again. Wonderstorm is actively staffing up to bring the Dragon Prince video game to life, while a full line of books from Scholastic are due in the first half of 2020. After showing Rayla the flowers that sink when Moonshadow Assassins die on missions and discovering that she had returned the Dragon Prince to Xadia, Ethari forgave Rayla and allowed her to continue on her journey. WHAT IS DONE Callum and Rayla were introduced on opposing sides in the war, Callum being the prince who felt like he couldn't fit into his family or fufill the expectations that others set on him. Since then, like a mother, Rayla was very protective towards the egg despite not wanting to take it until she had earned the princes trust. Rayla continued to see Runaan as a father figure, despite their professional relationship. ao3feed-rayllum. Though there’s no word yet on season 4 — and whether Callum and Rayla will remain a couple — there’s plenty of other Dragon Prince-related media on the way. "She will be ok. She's Rayla after all." She noted that he has a kind heart and she believes in his ability to talk to animals. 937 notes. Rayla remembered this advice when she forgave Callum for using dark magic. Rayla's body turned to face the mountain now and she could see above him just above her, Callum, he almost seemed so close to her she reached out her hand to try and touch him, but it was in vain, they were much too far from each other and she wouldn't be able to be near him again. Despite her superior skills compared to the rest of her species, Rayla is introduced as an assassin who is not ready to take a life; she feels too much empathy for humans. - Tumbex. As they continued into Xadia, Rayla defended Callum before Sol Regem, describing him as "noble and true," and stated that he had to look past human hatred for the elves and do what he knew was right. Though season 2 was the genesis of Callum and Rayla’s romantic feelings, it was season 3 that pushed the characters along, especially with the two of them off on their own in the magical land of Xadia. rayllum can be read as romantic or platonic Callum had been outcast his entire life, a small and weak child stuck within the world of dragon-killing vikings. She trusted him in leading the defense of the Storm Spire to protect the Dragon Queen, Zubeia, due to his skill as a warrior and his education in the art of warfare. As they had different viewpoints on how to deal with Soren and Claudia, knowing they were up to something, Rayla used illusions to reveal their true intentions. After discovering that the Dragon Prince was still alive, Rayla is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and her son safe, which included killing Viren before he could harvest Zym's essence. She sees Ezran as brave and strong and the two developed a sibling-like relationship. The two remained enemies, due to Claudia's affiliation with her father, Viren. [3], Runaan was one of the two elves who raised Rayla in place of her parents. Rayla's initial hatred for humans stemmed from Viren's actions of killing Avizandum. tylerdashart. [4], Rayla grew up with loving parents who raised her with a lot of love until they were forced to give their daughter into the care of Runaan and Ethari, due to their newly chosen duty as members of the Dragonguard. Ghosts are mentioned. Some time after the battle at the Storm Spire, Rayla kept having nightmares of Viren capturing her loved ones and attempting to add her to his collection. However, Rayla decided to go alone without telling anyone so she would not risk Callum being killed during that mission. Rayla. Rayla whispered into Callum's ear. The Crown 26m. Follow. Young crown prince Ezran heads back to Katolis to assume his place on the throne, while his stepbrother Callum and Moonshadow elf assassin Rayla trek to the magical land of Xadia to return the baby dragon Zym to his proper place. [3], Sometime after the battle at the Storm Spire, Rayla had recurring nightmares in which Callum became part of Viren's collection and was even shattered, after being frozen in a pillar of ice. “Going into season 3, there’s those speeches in the middle of [the first episode] where [Rayla] is defending Callum to Sol Regan,” describes Richmond. “Aaron [Ehasz] wrote a core novel that sort of tells the full story of Book One [Moon]. They enjoyed each other's company as they traveled through the forests of Xadia, culminating in a dance to unlock Rayla's home, the Silvergrove. I'm so happy that season 3 didn't disappoint me. However, when it comes to the people that he cares about, Callum adopts a more serious approach and is always concerned for their well-being. Callum watched from the window as his daughter ran through the castle gardens, her little steps bouncing with excitement as she laughed. Rayla is too nosy for her own good Callum did not know why, exactly, he was in this tower that he now called home. Callum looked at him and nodded. They attempt to sneak past the blind Sun Dragon, but he notices them after Zym unintentionally gives away their location. The first moment in Callum's life where he truly felt like he fit in was when he used Aspiro to disperse Claudia's smoke hounds, sent after him, Rayla, and Ezran while they tried to escape with Zym's egg. And the worst part is- they don’t turn back on. Rayla acted as a mother figure while they returned him to Zubeia, becoming extremely protective of him and has been saving him from being kidnapped by Claudia, Soren, and Nyx, as well as almost killed by Sol Regem and Viren. At first she tried to avoid to encounter him, knowing him to act spiteful towards humans, but was inevitably spotted. All that he did no was that A, he could not get out, B, very few people could get in, and that it was all apparently for his own good. / Is this from a game?A: this is from The Dragon Prince! A lingering glance on Rayla’s … As queen of Xadia, Zubeia enjoys full loyalty from Rayla. Until someone decides to turn off the lights. While plans may be sketched out for how the expanded Dragon Prince universe will take shape, considering how Callum and Rayla’s unplanned romance became a core part of the third season, other unexpected pairings or connections could fuel the future of the franchise. Callum, Rayla, and Soren are stuck on the closing shift at their local Dunkin’ Donuts. At first, Rayla saw Ezran as simply a target to avenge the Dragon Prince. “That was not planned in season 1,” head writer Justin Richmond told Polygon in an interview ahead of the season’s release. After striking up an unlikely friendship with Rayla, the new student at Katolis Preparatory School, Callum invites her to play Dungeons & Dragons with his brother and other friends. Rayla then attempts to negotiate with the Sun Dragon, but Regem is unreasonable, especially after finding out that Callum had used Dark Magic at one time. “If you’d asked me, ‘Are they going to get together?’, I’d be like ‘Probably not.’”. Upon discovering that this was not the case, Rayla promised Callum that they would look for Viren together, but left the prince behind on the morning of his birthday, as not to put him into any danger. As Callum and Rayla cross into the magical realm of Xadia, Ezran returns to Katolis as king and faces pressure from all sides. And then we get to the Oasis and, you know, it’s really hard to be in an oasis at night with all kinds of romantic feelings!”. See more ideas about dragon princess, prince dragon, rayla x callum. When they got to their room, Rayla assured them that they were free to leave the room if they wished and guaranteed their privacy while they rested. In another series, that surprise might have been saved for the aftermath of the climactic battle. Feeling ashamed for not telling the two earlier, Rayla eventually realized it was wrong not to tell them that she had been part of the mission to execute the boys' father. When Callum fell ill due to the effects of using dark magic, her concern for him increased to the point where she held him in tears mumbling, "Callum I-...I" while holding him close, showing that she had developed feelings for him. [6] She claims to know her parents are alive although their location is unknown, but had expressed her wish for them to be dead, thinking they had abandoned their honorable duty. After they admitted their feelings to one another, Callum became very protective of Rayla. And she took everyone feelings into consideration plenty of times. note: This piece contains major spoilers for season 3 of The Dragon Prince.]. Callum and Rayla continued to glare at each other, before Callum turned on his heels and left the room, his angry footfalls echoing in the cave-like hall. Rayla responded by telling him to shut up and pulled on the scarf around his neck, reinitiating a passionate kiss and after a brief moment's respite, the couple continued to kiss into the night. [3], Originally, Rayla did not trust Soren due to his and Claudia's attempts to kidnap Zym and merely saw Soren as a mild annoyance and occasional target practice. Ao3 Feed Rayllum. While Viren is a powerful mage, Rayla was still able to hold him off long enough for the two to be sent careening off of the top of the mountain, though she was only saved by the timely intervention of Callum and his newly mastered Manus Pluma Volantis spell. After finding out that Rayla has been ghosted by the Moonshadow Elves, Callum defended her when facing Ethari and attempted to comfort her. To be expanded Thunderfall: he expresses his hatred for Avizandum, he c… As an assassin-in-training, Rayla is used to spending most of her time, well, training. Callum ended up finding Rayla and praised her in an attempt to improve her mood by telling her that she is "strong, smart, fast and beautiful, and the most amazing person he's ever met". Reaching Zym's home, she tried to break the news about his mother to the young dragon and understood his hesitation in wanting to see her. On Nov. 22, Netflix’s animated series The Dragon Prince returned with its third season, challenging the cast of young heroes to stand up for what’s right, even if that means making tough choices. The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ezran was shocked upon learning of Callum and Rayla's relationship, as there had been no previous implication to this development before his temporary absence. Rayla is a Moonshadow Elf and the youngest of a former band of assassins sworn to protect Xadia. - YouTube Since Callum is a prince, their wedding would be a royal one, and therefore a huge public celebration for the people of Katolis. When it came to Callum and Rayla, however, the team went with it. The Dragon Prince writing staff are aware of the possible relationships their fans are hoping for, say the creators, and “good ships and trash ships” are a source of constant chatter and scrutiny in the writers’ room. She was prepared to kill both him and his brother Ezran, albeit out of reluctance due to her empathetic nature. While Rayla had dropped her initial prejudice against humans, Claudia and Soren had not dropped their dislike against elves, and Callum had to convince the two of them to be civil until they would continue their quest of getting Zym home. The season starts off with the main cast separated. She had a great concern when the egg fell into the freezing water and was in danger of dying, holding herself responsible. Callum and Rayla Moments For 27 Minutes Straight! [12] Upon returning home, she was deeply hurt upon noticing that his flower had sunken, but was unaware that it was still glowing. When Team Zym traveled to the Moon Nexus to revive Phoe-Phoe, Rayla wanted to enter to the nexus's portal between life and death to confirm if Viren is really dead and to see if her parents and Runaan could still be alive. Lujanne could not give Rayla advice in this regard, however, gifted her another piece of advice instead, being that true friendship means accepting the dark side of one's friends. Cos' I sure did! After shooting the fabled Storm Fury from the sky, it would seem that his luck had finally taken a turn for the better. When they later reunited at the Storm Spire, Amaya was initially hostile towards Rayla, until Callum cleared up the misunderstanding. But while the writers sketched out an overarching story for a seven-season plan, the smaller moments came as a surprise. Meanwhile, Rayla was part of a group of Moonshadow Elf Assassins sent to take out the royal family in an act of ret… They then hugged each other while Runaan smiled gently at the two. After a season 2 creative retreat, a gallon of corn oil inspired writer Neil Mukhopadhyay to put a name to those moments that leave a bit too much room for romantic possibilities. This is a compilation of Rayllum best moments. blehblarghblah. They didn't intend to kill him but to immobilize him long enough to run away so they fooled him to get his head stuck in a canyon.[14]. Except he is unable to kill it. She also showed concern when he left to risk his life to learn magic in a storm but was relieved he chose to do the right thing and returned safely. They are shown to rely on each other in odd situations and respect things the other is interested in, like Callum's art skills where she watched him drawing a picture of his mother, calling her beautiful. This is just the first clip about this lovely ship. Her opinion worsened then Claudia attacked her with summoned smoke wolves. [8] Knowing about the true events of that fateful day, Rayla changed her feelings about her parents and followed into their footsteps as "The Last Dragon Guard", honoring their legacy. #rayla-x-callum. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [10]Rayla looked up to both Runaan and Ethari as surrogate fathers, while both of them seemed to return the affection for her, although Ethari questioned if Rayla was ready to become an assassin before her first mission. Callum and Rayla chased each other around the vast lake, climbing the gentle slopes of the crater in which the Nexus was located. While resting at the oasis in the Midnight Desert, Rayla began to have a breakdown and tried to put some distance between herself and Callum so he wouldn't see or hear her crying. "Her name's Sarai." Thanks to Callum using a moon opal to reveal the true fate of Rayla's parents, Rayla decided to stay and fight in their honor, and Callum supported her decision. Rayla, Ezran, Zym, Bait, Callum-The Dragon Prince | iPad Case & Skin. Chaos ensues. Still, she liked her enough to help her create an illusion that revealed Claudia’s and Soren's evil intentions. Despite that, Rayla started to educate Callum on the Primal Sources, the types of elves that live in Xadia[1] and during a boat ride down the river talked about her home and her parents. It’s not a novelization, it’s a full-on core novel that has stuff you’ve never seen before. After learning where Callum had gone from Ezran, Rayla was horrified to know what was happening in the tower. Thus, Amaya accepted Rayla as a friend and ally.[3]. Despite her age, she is the fastest and strongest of all of her comrades,5 though lacks a desire for war and unnecessary bloodshed. Afterward, she journeyed with the princes to return the egg, yet behaved distant, which led to a few arguments between them during the journey. “Shipping oil” became the go-to slang for when scenes felt slathered with dialogue or character blocking that could send the wrong message. It’s Callum’s last day, and everything seems to be going normally. Sol Regem: Rayla tells Callum about Sol Regem's misanthropy and how he was blinded during his reign not long before the wars between Xadia and Humanity began. [Ed. Rayla dodged gracefully and attacked at her own risk. After rescuing Zym and Nyx, Callum praised her as a hero, this time kissing her, but grew hesitant and suddenly detached from the kiss, apologizing for acting on his instincts. Even with Callum reassuring her that Viren had died and that she has nothing to worry about, Rayla still had the feeling that the mage would come back somehow. But as the characters took shape with the whole writing team involved, they drove the story away from the original plan. After encountering her squad mates and the soldiers that died in the castle raid, her fears were confirmed when she found Viren inside a cocoon. Rayla was really fond of Ethari during her childhood and would try her hardest to make his birthdays unforgettable by gifting him his favorite things. Upon hearing that the dragon egg was destroyed, Rayla, like the rest of her kind, wanted to avenge him and his father, the Dragon King, but after the egg was unveiled in a secret chamber in the castle she was surprised to see that he was alive. Seeing him return heartbroken about his stepfather, she offered to risk her life to rescue him if he chose so, but they instead fled the castle. "Thank you." For instance, Ezran was originally supposed to head into Xadia with Callum and Rayla at the end of season 2. Rayla felt unable to bear the pain of telling them and admitted that she should have told Callum sooner after he found out from Claudia, but was eventually forgiven when Callum realized that he too had to hesitate when wanting to tell Ezran.[2]. After Viren snuck into the dragon lair, Rayla attempted to save Zym by sacrificing herself, tackling him off of the pinnacle, leading Callum to dive after her and successfully grow magical wings, allowing him to save her. Although she tried to convince him to let the trio pass into Xadia, a… She defended him in an attempt to stop the king's assassination and held off Runaan while the boys escaped with the egg. They wouldn’t want to keep their union a secret by getting married in a private ceremony. Dec 19, 2020 - Explore Luna Galaxy Quill's board "Callum X Rayla" on Pinterest. Rayla is the assassin of silvergrove is going to high school in katolis against her wishes, and it seems everyone is scared of her more than anyone else in world. Astonished she asked him how he did it and Callum states that it was possible due to his love for her. Through the snowy mountains, their arguing reached a boiling point to where Rayla admitted she could've taken the egg and be hailed as a hero, but refused as she believed both sides were needed to end the long war.

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