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I have mine set up as a “base unit” currently with the radio staying in the charger all the time so all I have to do to broadcast is pick up the external accessory microphone and talk…works great. “Well…why can’t I just make up a call sign?”   You can but it probably won’t work very well. It operates on SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM modes. Here in Essex, the 2 metre is more active than the 70cm band, and you can often work amateurs from Kent, London, Suffolk and Hertfordshire on 2 metres, often using ‘repeaters’ which widen the area. To wrap up the section on licensing, I would like to touch briefly on privacy. Some operators in Europe run … I mounted mine between two PVC pipe standoffs on a PVC pole on the eve of my house. He's not a ham, but his AM DX listening is part of what got me interested in radio when I was a kid. If you want to find out if there are any licensed HAMs close to where you live you can go to  type in your zip code and see the name(s), call sign, and license class of those living close to you. Amateur radio frequency allocation is done by national telecommunication authorities. Not a lot of activity; sometimes used for local DRM broadcasting and you may hear some high-power pirate CB guys. Get in touch via the Contact Us below if you're interested in these apps. I think mine was around $5.00 which still brought me in under $120.00 total! All American Sun Oven With the technician license (the beginner’s license) you are pretty much limited to “line of sight” use when speaking from one radio directly to another. Before I go further let me say that there are probably many who will read this that know far more about HAM radio this I will ever know. Simply put, go online and search on Google or Bing for “ham radio repeaters” and look for a link to one of the many online databases that allow you to enter your zip code to find local repeaters. I don’t want to get involved in the licensing process required for some types of radio use. This means that as licensed amateur radio operators, we do not have to restrict ourselves to stipulated channels. Amateurs wishing to operate on either 2,200 or 630 meters must first register with the Utilities Technology … I don’t know how often this happens but when it does happen that means anyone accessing this repeater can talk to others up to a thousand miles away! At this point I need to point out that just like your radio, repeaters operate on electric current and in the event that we are faced with some type of disaster or societal collapse that shuts down the power grid, it will most likely negatively impact repeater usage. B and. During crisis situations amateur radio operators do this regularly, having specific organizations set up for such a purpose. is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. While it requires a license to transmit, ham radio will allow you a range and breadth of communication that is not available post-disaster via other methods. Just like becoming proficient with your firearm takes practice, so does proficiency with your radio. You can find the real frequencies by simple internet searches. So not only do you get a great HAM radio but you also get a weather alert radio as well as a scanner all wrapped up into one! If you don’t want to spend time shopping around, see the direct link below showing where I got mine. (there’s that “free” thing again). Since amateur radio satellites are designed to be relatively easy to use they’re a good start. The radio offers both 2 meter and 70cm band receive/transmit functions along with marine receive functions once programmed. So, all of this being said, don’t let the fear of too many technical questions deter you in pursuing your license if that is your goal. In order to hook to the adapter (discussed next), you will need to choose the UHF Connector so-239. Creekmore. Sir, let me be clear… listening is OK, if it is public air space (frequency bands), transmitting on a police radio frequency will get you more unwanted attention than you bargained for. Well, it depends who’s on, and what time of day … Ham radio Frequency Chart. It is a good idea to listen to first. I dabbled with CB back in the late ’70s and more recently with marine radio, but until just recently I had ZERO experience with amateur radio. However, as soon as I plugged in the “Slim Jim” antenna I could access the repeater with ease, being told on the other end that I was putting out a good signal on my little 4 watt $32.98 radio! I am speaking of an antenna offered by, found specifically at  . Marine radio, on the other hand, is great! The price of this antenna is $22.99 plus shipping which will vary depending on where you live. (To him, a 20m daytime QSO from TX to FL is DX.) If either of these are the case, then I doubt a license will matter much, if at all. I spent a long time researching what I needed to get started and then reading product reviews and blogs to come up with the best “bang for the buck” to get started in HAM radio. My next idea was to do an online search of amateur radio clubs in my area. It should be noted that shipping is factored in on some of the above but not others. However, by using two different frequencies and what is known as a duplexer, the repeater allows you broadcast to it on its “receive” frequency and then it “offsets” that frequency to a higher or lower frequency and re-transmits it at a higher wattage output. Shared with the US Ham Radio Bands. Your radio is now ready to transmit/receive as soon as you tell it which channel you want to use. That would seem to be an expensive undertaking, even if you could figure out how to do it. The best nighttime bands are from 5900-10000khz. Once you have read through this 49-page guide you can start practicing for the test by using any of a number of free online sites that generate practice tests using randomly chosen questions from the FCC test pool. But now, they have changed the system from analogue to digital and you can tap into it with an app and an internet connection, you can tune in from anywhere around the world. Ham Radio Accessories: OK, I can hear it now….”the radio is only $32.98 but now he tells us we have to buy accessories that will cost us hundreds of dollars”! They simply type in the call sign and if it is for real, your registration information pops up. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mitchell repeater! Adapter & Coax:    Simply put, if you use the “Slim Jim” antenna then you MUST have an adapter to attach it (or a longer piece of coax) to the UV-5RA. Shortwave (3 - 30MHz) signals travel great distances (especially at night) and can be tuned to listen to broadcasts originating in other countries, earning shortwave radio the nickname of "world band radio." I hope this rambling article that you no doubt thought would never end is of some help to you. Much of that “playing” eventually turned into research involving HAM radio. This is just one more reason to get to know the HAMs in your area by communicating with them and listening. While transmitting is as simple as keying the microphone and speaking into it…knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and how to get the most range, is not that simple. After weighing this against the benefits of being a licensed HAM operator I decided that being on yet another government list probably wouldn’t matter in the overall scheme of things. Since this repeater is the highest repeater east of the Mississippi, it has a tremendous coverage area which enables me to talk with other HAMS located in East and Middle Tennessee, Southeast Kentucky, Southeast Virginia,  Upstate South Carolina, Northern Georgia, and Central North Carolina….and all points in between. Such contacts could be extremely helpful in times of emergency (more about this later). One is called “simplex” which simply means one radio communicating directly to another radio. Wonder Junior Mill NOW, before you start screaming “THIS IS TOO TECHNICAL” let me say this….now you see why I said you need to buy the programming cable and download the free CHIRP software. There are times however that you do get a measure of skip that will let you talk a few hundred miles, so I read. First off let me state for the record that I am a novice when it comes to HAM radio, having received my Technician license less than 4 months ago. Frequencies (in MHz) Mode. FM transmissions from a 2-meter radio do not normally bounce off the ionosphere so you don’t get the “skip” like we use to talk about in the hay day of CB but they can sometimes bounce off of buildings if you live in an urban setting. Whether you have a Baofeng or any other type of radio, these are the communications channels of true patriots… When I arrived at the site I was very pleased to meet a fine group of people all interested in helping me get my license. Hence…this brings me back to what I mentioned in the introduction to this article is the mechanism for folks in this group that live in or plan to live in the “Redoubt” being able to communicate with each other! You have entered an incorrect email address! I told them I would be there! However, as stated earlier, if you decide to buy any of the items sold by (which includes everything except the antenna) PLEASE click through M.D.’s portal so that when you purchase he can make a little money on the deal to compensate him for all he does for us through his site. Amateur radio operators typically operate “HF”, which is used to talk around the world, or VHF/UHF, which is more local. Below you will find the necessary items discussed above, what they cost me and the direct link where you can get them. Coax (short for coaxial cable) is what you need to be able to place your Slim Jim antenna up in a tree or on a mast on top of your house. One of the greatest benefits I have found thus far that HAM radio has over other types of radio (other than distance) is what I will call “community”….. or interaction with other HAM radio operators. The Radio:  First let me say that with your technician license you are most likely going to want a 2-meter radio or a 70cm radio, or a dual-band unit that is both. Sometimes I can hit this repeater and once I do, I am able to talk to other HAMS located near Middlesboro, Kentucky which is 85 miles west of Holston Mountain and much further from my home. Someday I hope to be able to talk these great distances but holding only a technician license at this point, the likelihood of talking to someone halfway around the world is slim. This site,  is a great site with lots of free info (can you tell I like “free”?). I have no clue what kind of equipment to buy. I found it is probably the cheapest handheld you will find and surprisingly enough it has a very good reputation! It’s even more of a thrill to listen to an astronaut in space talking to ham radio operators on the ground and absolutely amazing if you happen to be the one talking to the astronaut. As offered by Amazon, the radio comes complete with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, an a/c plug-in charger and a vox operated earphone/microphone combination. That being said, if YOU don’t feel comfortable with getting a license, then by all means DON’T! So, while you don’t need a license just to listen, it would be a very wise idea to have one if you intend to become proficient in using your radio as well as making on-air acquaintances with other HAMS. Once you feel you are ready to take the test you need to find a testing site. Most sites let you tune the radio to a different frequency and listen to ham radio online for a few minutes. This Doppler shift will cause the ISS transmit frequency of 145.800 MHz to look as if it is 3.5 kHz higher in frequency, 145.8035, when ISS is approaching your location. Most of us have concerns also about being on governmental “watch lists” and I am no exception. If you have ever looked at a HAM radio equipment supplier catalog then you are no doubt familiar with the dizzying array of radio types, brands, and configurations, not to mention all the other meters, antennas, cabling, and connectors. This allows you to zero in on the actual answers you need to know. Now, at this point I a sure some of you are wondering just how “technical” these test questions are? I know what you are thinking….”I don’t need a license….I will go ahead and start talking to people and avoid the hassle of getting a license”. As stated earlier, you can always listen and learn the best you can and then should the SHTF you can always key your microphone and broadcast in a life-threatening situation. In my neck of the woods, CB was great for a number of years until the channels became so clogged with nonsense and vulgarity that I finally gave it up. If you see a UV-3A, stay away. Radios range from “base stations” that you set up in your home, to “mobile units” you can mount in a vehicle or connect to a power supply and use as a base unit, to “portable units” that some refer to as handi-talkies, or simply put, small portable handheld radios. You can pick up this cable at any number of places including Radio Shack or any number of online sources including Ham Radio Frequencies (Channels) The UV-5RA has 128 channel memory slots available. Microwaves are considered to start at about 1 GHz. If it used only one frequency it would most likely destroy itself by overloading its circuitry. There is a manual in the box and there are several useful websites that will assist you in programming. To conclude discussing repeaters I need to mention what is called a linked repeater system. Best during the summer. Using the UV-5RA “rubber duck” antenna I never was able to access the Mount Mitchell repeater from my home 35 miles away. As I stated at the start, I am a novice to HAM radio and am in no way saying the way I did it is the best or only way to do it. Additionally, these HTs cover a multitude of frequencies. However, since I was doing this “on the cheap” I opted to study on my own for free. Where Amazon listed a set shipping amount, I included it in the price. Recommended HF Radios . The only catch to using “CHIRP” is that you will need to buy a “programming cable” which comes with its own driver disk to load on your hard drive. Susitna Chest Holster for Glock 19. As best I can measure it this means on a good day my coverage area can be up to 400 miles from one side to the other! There are several inexpensive ways to start listening to ham radio forums and nets without a ham license, and we explain all that on the web page entitled “Listen In!”. is your source for everything ham radio and emergency communications related. And it’s a great featur… I have no way of verifying this other than what I read but considering the elevation of the repeater tower I would not rule out the possibility. In that info, you should find the repeaters receive frequency, the offset (most likely 600 kHz) and whether it is plus or minus. Backed by the Kenwood name, this is the best overall handheld ham radio on the market today. Please don’t ask me how I know. What is The Best Long Term Survival Foods? Now that you have your antenna mounted and your radio battery charged, you need to attach the coax adapter to the top of the radio and then attach the coax cable to the end of the adapter with the screw-on fittings. Follow these guidelines for best listening results. However, in the last few years, things are looking up as there are now more licensed HAMS than ever before… over 700,000 in the U.S. As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to use your radio. Suppose you … Some of the questions require a little bit of math using Ohm’s law and some require being able to identify certain schematic symbols found in typical electronic circuits. In fact, I have read reports that on occasion HAMS in Maine and Florida have been able to hit the Mt. That’s right, less than $34.00! Wrong. (NOTE: Many local community colleges offer HAM radio study courses that conclude by giving the actual test to the applicant. General, Advanced and Amateur Extra class licensees are authorized to use these Amateur Bands. Shortwave Frequency List: International Shortwave Radio Frequencies to Monitor, BAOFENG UV-5R: How to Program your Radio with CHIRP and Get the Best Performance, Icom IC-7610 Review: A DXers Dream Base Station Radio, Yaesu FT-991A Review: Next Generation Compact HF Ham Radio, KENWOOD TS-990S REVIEW: A HIGH-END HF BASE STATION, YAESU FT-DX101D REVIEW: THE PINNACLE OF HF BASE STATIONS, Communications Monitoring: The Importance of Radio Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering During Crisis Situations, Ham Radio Antenna Connector and Adapter Types, HAM Radio Abbreviations: Q Signals and CW Abbreviations and Beyond, Ham Radio Resources: The Top Blogs and Websites, Preppers and Ham Radio Operators Not so Crazy in the Age of the Coronavirus. To listen to your local air traffic control, you’ll need to obtain a radio scanner that’s capable of receiving frequencies between 118.0 and 136.975 MHz. Repeaters operate by receiving your transmission and instantaneously re-broadcasting it again at a higher wattage output. If the rule of law no longer exists, broadcast to your heart’s content as a license will not matter at that point. You also need to consider a grounding method for your coax. Steiner 10×50 Binocular Keep … In the table below, we’ve expanded the normal band ranges to include those operating outside the bands — these are sometimes where you will find the most interesting content! Over the last 40 years, I have dabbled a little with each of these radio types with varying degrees of success. There are currently three levels of license available to HAM operators…..Technician (the beginner’s license like I have), General, and Extra. In that case, who cares if you have a license or not…certainly, not me. From what I read, these are pretty much all the same…only with small differences in the internal firmware. When you purchase the BaoFeng UV-5R, it contains pre-set commercial, civil, and amateur frequencies.These can lead to accidental interference with other services. microphone/speaker   Cost:  $ 8.80 (. Prices on these units are all over the board and usually the higher the price the better the equipment. This is a fine little radio also but only has 3 watts output power so for a few more dollars, go with the UV-5A which has 4 watts output power. Since you are reading this on a blog dedicated to prepping then I imagine you have these priorities covered or at least are working toward covering them. Invest in a good pair of head phones; headphones help you isolate sounds and can be a good way to hear weak stations. with frequencies above 13 MHz (13000 KHz) are best during the day. There are a number of online services that allow HAM operators to do callsign searches to determine the name and location of any licensed operator. Will they work? Tropical Band; but the FCC allowed WWCR in Nashville, Tennessee to broadcast here. You can listen on the 2-meter band with a frequency range of 144 to 148 m and 70 cm band from 420 to 450 MHz. The range is good (I can hear local bear hunters talking 30 miles away without a repeater) and since they are FM, the reception is very clear. Still, as long as you can find one that says “Reverse SMA to PL-259” it should work. Honda 2000 Watt Portable Generator (Note that I did not list the cost of taking the test either as this apparently varies based on where you take it so I won’t even hazard a guess what yours will cost although mine cost $14.00). However, please remember that the study guide mentioned above covers ALL of this and gives you the exact answers in bold as you go through it! 8. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance topics through first-hand experience and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Thus far I have found them for the most part to be a very friendly (as long as you have a license), welcoming, and talented group of individuals. Actually, the FCC rules say that it is not illegal to use a HAM radio without a license IF a life-threatening event requires such use. Stop wasting your time trying to figure out which books to buy or which information to follow. The FCC requires that the database contains a pool of 394 questions from which each 35 question test is chosen. There are many study guides available that will cover EVERY question in the current database which means once you go through the guide, you will have covered every possible question and answer! About two years ago I contracted a rare muscle disease that is rapidly crippling me to the point that I spend most of my days sitting in the house “playing” on the internet. Next, turn your attention to your antenna. As long as you order from the link listed below, you can rest assured you will get the most modern up to date model with the most current firmware…as far as I can tell. The unit I went with is the UV-5RA. Wrong. NOW….I know what you are thinking. In fact, some HAM operators go so far as to use radio triangulation to locate broadcasting non-licensed operators using directional antennas and once found, report them to the FCC. FT891 Yaesu – If you are looking for a small HF Rig that can be used either as both a base station and a mobile rig … It is my intent in this article to share some of my experiences with those of you in hopes that you may benefit from my research and brief experience. I have heard many folks in the survival community say they will just transmit when they have to and take their chances of not getting caught. ICOM IC-7300: This is our main HF base rig! But it really comes into its own during emergency situations, natural disasters and the like. Hopefully, in this article, I can shed some light on at least one area that I have had a small measure of success in….amateur radio commonly referred to as HAM radio. Coax:  RG8x (50 ohm) 50 ft. Believe me…I am not very radio literate but after a few minutes of research and a little trial and error, I was quickly programming frequencies easily. Restricted to 3950-4000 kHz in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 4. Another consideration is to tie a piece of paracord to the end (push it through the hole made in the end just for this purpose) and then throw the line over a limb and hoist your antenna up! These study guides vary in price but since this article is about HAM radio “on the cheap”, the one I used was FREE! Once I got my Slim Jim antenna hooked up I was able to access this repeater easily with my little 4 watt UV-5RA. 2310, 2325, 2485, 4835, 4910, 5025, 5995, 6020, 6080, 7240, 9475, 9560, 9580, 9590, 9660, 9710, 11650, 11880, 12080, 13630, 13670, 15160, 15230, 15240, 15515, 17715, 17750, 17775, 17785, 17795, 21725, 7400, 9400, 9500, 9700, 11700, 11900, 15700, 5960, 5990, 6005, 6020, 6040, 6080, 6115, 6190, 7285, 9570, 9580, 9690, 9730, 9785, 9790, 9870, 11885, 11900, 11970, 13675, 13740, 15230, 15240, 6000, 6060, 6180, 6300, 9505, 9550, 11760, 5930, 6200, 7345, 7385, 9400, 9430, 9435, 9890, 9955, 11600, 13580, 15710, 5920, 7315, 9720, 9765, 9805, 9865, 11615, 11725, 13680, 11995, 15160, 15275, 15605, 21620, 5905, 6140, 6180, 7225, 7240, 7280, 7285, 9565, 9735, 9755, 11690, 12045, 15275, 7410, 9425, 9445, 9690, 9705, 9910, 9950, 11620, 11645, 11715, 11935, 13605, 13710, 15020, 15075, 15155, 15235, 17510, 17670, 17800, 17895, 6010, 6120, 6250, 7160, 7320, 7330, 9855, 11695, 15460, 17660, 6280, 6985, 7545, 9345, 15640, 15760, 17535, 17600, 5965, 6010, 6035, 6090, 6120, 7170, 9760, 11800, 5975, 6110, 6120, 6145, 7230, 9505, 9535, 9875, 11690, 11695, 11715, 11730, 11740, 11935, 11970, 13650, 15195, 15355, 17685, 17810, 17825, 17845, 17870, 21610, 21670, 3560, 4405, 6185, 6285, 7570, 9325, 9335, 9345, 9730, 9850, 9975, 9990, 11535, 11545, 11710, 11735, 12015, 13650, 13760, 15100, 15180, 7275, 9560, 9570, 9640, 9650, 9770, 15575, 6020, 6040, 6165, 7120, 9345, 9795, 9895, 11655, 11675, 12065, 12080, 15315, 15525, 15595, 17725, 17810, 3935, 5950, 9765, 9870, 11725, 13840, 15720, 17675, 6055, 6115, 6150, 7105, 7145, 7180, 9515, 9610, 9640, 9690, 9755, 11895, 15105, 15135, 17745, 6240, 7150, 7250, 7350, 9840, 12010, 12030, 13665, 15425, 3345, 7240, 7390, 9685, 15235, 15255, 17770, 5950, 7130, 7445, 9355, 9680, 9785, 11550, 11850, 1995, 15215, 15465, 5890, 9535, 9680, 9725, 9805, 9810, 13770, 5960, 6020, 6055, 7240, 9525, 11735, 12035, 5875, 5975, 6005, 6040, 6130, 6195, 7130, 7160, 7320, 9410, 9480, 9660, 9740, 9750, 11675, 11750, 11765, 11920, 12095, 15105, 15285, 15360, 15400, 15575, 17640, 17830, 17885, 21470, 4319-USB, 5446.5-USB, 5765-USB, 6350-USB, 7811.5-USB, 10320-USB, 12133.5-USB, 12759-USB, 13362-USB, 4930, 4960, 5960, 6080, 6105, 6110, 7125, 7175, 7205, 7405, 9645, 9760, 9785, 9885, 11655, 11885, 11890, 11975, 12015, 12150, 13600, 13640, 13710, 13735, 13755, 15150, 15185, 15205, 15290, 15445, 15580, 17640, 17715, 17730, 17895, 5810, 5850, 7560, 7570, 9450, 9955, 9975, 15785, 17595, 4005, 5885, 6185, 7250, 7305, 7360, 7365, 9310, 9610, 9635, 9645, 9660, 9755, 11625, 11740, 11850, 13765, 15595.

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