Benefits of goji berries for dogs

For some time now, there have been a number of foods that, due to their properties and benefits, have been used regularly. But did you know that some of these superfoods can also be beneficial for your pet? In this article, we tell you some more details about goji berries for dogs.

What are goji berries?

Before delving into the characteristics and benefits of these fruits, it is convenient to discover the origin of goji berries. And, for this, we have to travel to Asia to find the two plants that produce these berries: Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. These two species produce two types of berries, although their flavor and sugar content is very similar.

Goji berries have been used in traditional Asian cuisine for a long time, but their best-known use is that given to them in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese medicine. In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize that its clinical and scientific efficacy has not been fully proven, although it is marketed as a safe food.

Are goji berries good for dogs?

As we have already mentioned, the medical effectiveness of goji berries has not been fully corroborated. However, the nutritional value of these fruits is significant. Unlike other similar foods, goji berries are not harmful to dogs, so they can consume them without much trouble.

If you choose to add goji berries to the diet of your four-legged friend, it is best to consult with your trusted veterinarian – or any other animal nutrition expert – before doing so, as they can guide you on the amount and frequency of the dose.

What nutritional properties do they have?

One of the most outstanding nutritional characteristics of goji berries is their antioxidant capacity. Among the compounds with this capacity is sitosterol or beta-carotene, which is involved in the maintenance of the retina and helps the immune system to function properly.

Vitamin C is also found in large amounts in goji berries, so it can help our dog avoid premature aging, as well as more easily absorb minerals and other vitamins. Another benefit of goji berries for dogs is their calcium content, an essential nutrient for the development of bones and teeth.

Its high fiber content, like other fruits, makes it an ideal food for our dog’s transit. However, and of course, we must include it in moderation in the diet. Among the healthiest minerals present in goji berries, we can highlight iron or zinc, important in terms of maintenance of hemoglobin and the immune system.

But, as we have already said, it is convenient for our veterinarian or nutrition expert to approve before rewarding the dog with these fruits. The health of our pet should be in the best hands, and in this task, there is no one better than a professional.

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