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Breeds of extinct dogs you should know

Currently, the number of breeds of extinct dogs is unknown because either because of their disuse as working animals or because of the introduction of other exotic kinds, they have ended up falling into oblivion. However, both documentation and science have allowed us to know them.

Throughout history, the human being has been one of the main responsible for the survival of wild and domestic animals. In the latter case, the evolution of the works and the appearance of the concept of pets have been vital. This fact is added to the introduction of exotic species that, in addition to competing for resources, spread unknown diseases for endemic animals.

Today, climate change is an added danger for millions of species, which could increase, among other things, the list of extinct dog breeds. Some of the most prominent are presented below:

Extinct dog breeds of antiquity

  • Most. Collection in documents with the name of  Molossus is considered the predecessor of the mastiffs. It could be said that it is one of the oldest, as it is present in Virgil and Aristotle’s records. However, historians and other experts differ in their possible usefulness to humans, and that is that they relate it to both defense and hunting.
  • African hairless dog. This breed was characterized by the absence of hair and high body temperature, a fact that justified its use as a ‘blanket.’ He was attributed to healing properties and is linked to other dog breeds without hair today. One of the evidence of its existence is in the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum in England.

Modern dog extinctions

  • Kuri. With an appearance similar to that of the fox and a snout with a robust dentition, it is one of the most modern extinct dog breeds. Its presence in New Zealand dates back to the 18th century, with the arrival of settlers to the islands through large canoes. However, in the mid-nineteenth century, he was unable to survive miscegenation with European dogs.
  • Talbot. The historical records of the XVII considered him the ancestor of the beagle and the Dog of San Humberto. Its importance was such that some English inns and pubs maintain the image of this breed in their buildings.
  • Paisley Terrier. Its name is due to the place of its origin, Paisley, located in Scotland. Long and silky hair, he became one of the most popular exhibition dogs of the XVIII. Subsequently, its use for the creation of the current Yorkshire terrier was the reason for its disappearance, as the new breed gained greater appeal among the inhabitants.
  • Turnstile dog. This breed exercised one of the most peculiar tasks throughout the domestic history of dogs. Its long and short-legged constitution, similar to that of the current dachshund, allowed it to run on a wheel that rotated a chimney grill. The subsequent energy advance made its primary mission obsolete, which led to its extinction.

The diversity of extinct dog breeds is vast, both in its geographical distribution and in its temporal course. Therefore, taking care of the current environment and respecting the flora and fauna that are housed in it is the essential duty of every human being.

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