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In present time, Klaus points out that Marcel pretty much used her. Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus and Henrik were all dead. A few moments later Rebekah attends at her family's Christmas celebration. She tells Hope a fairytale about her father and New Orleans. She streams the gas on Elena, and in the cave, than lights it up with matches, offering Elena a choice, either come outside, or stay in there and burn. She sent Tyler Lockwood to him has a parting gift. The first object is a wedding dress that Rebekah came across at some point. Rebekah Mikaelson biography, ethnicity, religion, interesting facts, favorites, family, updates, childhood facts, information and more: What is Rebekah Mikaelson's full name? "Being a human doesn't protect you from death, love," Rebekah whispered, running a hand through Hope's auburn waves. At Prom, Rebekah walks up and asks Matt if he and Bonnie are a thing because they arrived together. Klaus changes the subject, sending her away to fetch the truck. She is the only Original vampire who wanted to take, Rebekah was indirectly responsible for the death of. After promising that she will kill the Doppelgänger, Rebekah goes after Elena in Dangerous Liaisons. She has exhibited a light-hearted and warm air upon meeting her beloved brothers again, as if the bad blood between them didn't matter in the slightest. Rebekah's theory was that this was all part of Klaus' plan and that if she killed herself, that she would just return to her original body. Genevieve uses a spell to link Klaus' mind to Rebekah's and he discovers she is responsible for bringing Mikael to New Orleans. She tells Sophie all she's done is reunite two lost souls. Elena runs up to April, holds her by the neck and tells her to make Rebekah prom queen or she'll kill her. Rebekah went back into the library and wanted to play a game of Truth or Dare. In Le Grand Guignol, Rebekah is trying to run from Klaus with Marcel and realizes that no matter where they go Klaus will find them. When she turns around, she sees a spirit of a girl with blonde hair. She refuses to follow Elijah and help him. He then ends the conversation by telling her he's running out of time to go get the girl. She told them Stefan's eternity of pain was her revenge, and they were free to go. The servant, Lucien Castle, presented them to the count after trying to help them blend in and present themselves as nobles. After Klaus feeds Tyler his blood and kills him, Rebekah drags Tyler back to Caroline and stays to watch over them. She awakens in the once grand Dowager Fauline Cottage in the body of a presumably insane witch. In Fire with Fire, Rebekah helps distract Dahlia by creating a fake version of Hope through a spell that she had to constantly chant. Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) hooked up again after Kol encouraged her to choose to be happy. When her brothers leave for the Mystic Grill on a search for some fun, she throws a shoe at them for their remarks. She screams at him that Sophie trusted him, and she trusted him. He will bring back every last soul who died on his behalf." She's upset Elena would ask her that since she didn't care at all about the farm house. Fans hoping to get Rebekah Mikaelson back for good after Elijah and Klaus retrieved her body from the bottom of the ocean on The Originals were left disappointed by the show's mid-season finale. He introduces her to Davina, an incredibly powerful witch who invites her in. After making friends with April, Rebekah tries to get Matt to like her and buys him a new truck, but he refuse to take it and Klaus says she's is trying too hard and tells her that The Five still exist and wants her to come and help him, but she tells him she doesn't care about the Five, this caused Klaus to leave. As Elena doesn't want the cure, Rebekah offers her a deal to get the cure together so that Rebekah can solely ingest it, but Elena's rejection frustrates her. They realize that this could only mean one thing: Elijah has died. She, visibly upset, says her goodbyes to Klaus. The second object is a drawing. However, the news that he's dying shocks her. Rebekah, quickly goes downstairs to stop Elijah. near nowadays Mystic Falls, United States. Rebekah insists that that isn't the case and leads her away from the resurrection. She was not as spiteful and arrogant as she was before and was willing to assist the main gang whenever she was needed. "Because once I raise Silas, Silas will raise the dead. She's over 1000-years old, but looks like she is about 16 or 17 years old teenage girl. Although it was kind of apologize from them Klaus turns it down and says that he has had enough of his family for a lifetime. In the cemetery, Rebekah appears behind Sophie and Hayley. She admitted to Stefan that she wants to have children one day with someone who loves her enough to stand outside her window with a boombox. Rebekah has been stabbed and kept in the coffin for over of hundred years by her half-brother Klaus. She tells his sister that after promising her and the baby protection, he just took off, according to Klaus. In Into the Wild, Rebekah gives Elena the evil eye and the two waste no time almost killing each other. Stefan then tells her that Rebekah was a lot to handle. On The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals, Claire Holt reprises her role as Rebekah Mikaelson, but during season 1, Holt's Rebekah surprised fans when she ended her run as a series regular — why did Holt leave the show?Brothers Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson make their debuts during season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, and the character Rebekah is introduced during season 3, followed by Kol and Finn. Rebekah gives it, but doesn't explain. They meet some werewolves and discover that they are from the same bloodline as Klaus. Appearance In Farewell to Storyville, it starts off with a flashback to when the Mikaelsons were still human children. Rebekah was later with April at the Grill there Stefan came to her table and compelled April to forget everything they said. He gets down on one knee and asks her the question, "Rebekah Mikaelson, delicate as lace, elegant as a fine home, tough as polished steel, and the love of all my lives. In terms of fashion sense, Rebekah is often seen wearing stylish and mature clothing with trendy coats and fashionable jewelry, such as long necklaces and pendants or dangle earrings. In Staffel Eins von The Originals macht er sich auf den Weg nach New Orleans um herauszufinden, wer sich gegen Klaus verschworen hat. When she awakens, even though she states that she feels human, she quickly learns that she is still a vampire and that Katherine tricked them. Rebekah and Klaus have a conversation on the phone where Rebekah tells Klaus that she's going with Sophie and Hayley to the dead witches, and asks Klaus to stall Marcel in coming to investigate. Rebekah also tends to use the word "bloody" commonly as an adjective. Rebekah was also seen playing with Hope at the park, enjoying the human-like life she was experiencing. She then goes to the cemetery to do a spell with Kol, but Kol gets frustrated and tells her that the hex is latched on like a vice. She tells him it is okay to care. Rebekah Mikaelson first appeared in the vampire diaries series in Season 3. While Elena pretends to be Katherine with Elijah, Rebekah keeps an eye on Katherine. Rebekah remarks that Kol is less of a man than she thought. She says that she can follow people too. Later, Klaus tells her that he'll get Freya to put her back in her original body, but Rebekah rejects this, sighting several reasons as to why she needs to remain a witch - to protect the lives of the children tied to the body until they can be unlinked and so she can continue trying to bring Kol back to life. Elena returns Rebekah to Klaus in exchange for Klaus sparing Jeremy's life. Despite being over 1000 years old, she is still childish and immature; evident by the fact that she is very naïve, according to Klaus, Rebekah's temper is worse than his, she has also stated that she inherited her temper from her father; hinting that Rebekah has a bad temper. Her brother's have been destroyed while Klaus' has been broken. As Marcel kidnaps Davina so they couldn't sacrifice, the originals unite their forces to get her back. Throughout her millennium-long life, Rebekah's actions and personality have been heavily influenced by her relationship with Klaus and her desire to live a normal, human life. A skinny dude appears, mutters something about Rebekah being an Original, and then vamp speeds it out of there. A... elijahmikaelson; kolmikaelson; castiel +14 more # 2. In 1914, Rebekah celebrated Christmas with her brothers and the rest of the town at a large party thrown at the Mikaelson compound. During special occasions, such as dances and balls, Rebekah wears very elegant dresses, for example, at the Mikaelson's Ball she wore a beautiful green one-shoulder dress. Klaus admits to Rebekah that he gave Elijah to Marcel. After being turned, the aspects of her personality were heightened. Klaus manages to tell her that there is only one dose of the cure before the phone is cut off, and keeps this information to herself for the time being. Why? When she arrives home she finds Klaus who has left Elijah and Hayley to the bayou and bite Elijah to make him suffer. Hair color She still retains her fighting skills, only she is now much more weaker and slower, however, she is quick to adjust to her new body as well as to the fact that she is a witch. As the Casket Girls Festival is about to start, she is choosing a outfit for this celebration and Marcel shows up who tries to make things up with her. She sarcastically remarks that she would give anything to go a decade without seeing another. She hands out flyers and goes into History class, Alaric's old classroom. She apologizes to Elijah and she still has hope for Klaus. 1700s 1800s Throughout the Series The Originals Fanfiction Season One. She couldn't understand why, if Stefan would do anything to save Elena, even take the cure himself so he could grow old and die with her, they were still vampires. Hayley fills her in on the witches' spell that keeps her bound to the city. Hours later, her phone begins to ring, causing her to wake up. Your contribution is much appreciated! She grew closer to Matt Donovan in the fourth season, and his influence seemed to rub off on her. The spirit passes through the locked door, but when Rebekah tries to open it, she finds that there is no doorknob. That's what she plans to do as soon as she finds Elijah. She admits that Elijah thinks the world of her, however, Hayley has doubts due to the things she saw in his head; she fears Hope will see this. Ignite• Hayley Marshall by MultiFandomxLoverxx. After she fled New Orleans with Klaus to escape her father Mikael, she was briefly in a relationship with Stefan Salvatore in Chicago during the early 1920s, and because she chose Stefan over her half-brother, Klaus daggered her for ninety years in punishment for her perceived betrayal. They were just competition, and whoever finds the cure first gets to decide how to use it. Later on, Caroline calls and reveals she has the translation of the tattoo, Rebekah is surprised to learn that Klaus helped and ever more so that he wishes her to find happiness in being able to live and die as she wishes. Rebekah Mikaelson is an original vampire.She is the fifth of six children born to Esther Mikaelson and Mikael Agnarsson, the sixth of seven children born to her mother.She is the wife of Marcellus Mikaelson (né Gerard) and by him is the mother of Nikolaus Mikaelson.. She is the younger sister of Freya Mikaelsdottir, Finn Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, and Kol Mikaelson. Later Rebekah asks Matt to come to her party, he doesn't talk to her, Rebekah apologizes to Matt for what happened at the bridge and that she never wanted to hurt him. Prior to his departure, Elena informs Klaus that Rebekah learned the truth about Esther's murder. The reunion between brother and sister is hostile, but not violent. Hayley's plan all along was to get all of the hybrids killed leaving Rebekah's coffin in the Lockwood Cellar. She opened the coffin and found Rebekah's daggered body. She is the sole female Original Vampire and the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. Elijah then shows up as well. Rebekah makes her own threats, but finds out that anything she does to Sophie also befalls Hayley. Elle a les cheveux blonds, des yeux bleus lumineux et une peau pâle. Eye color Rebekah is not kept in her own body, revenge enforced by Kol for her betraying him in 1914. And so they fled from France. Dans Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, elle et Alaric arrivent à Atlanta, en Géorgie pour aider Rafael, mais elle rencontre Landon, ... Rebekah Mikaelson Modifier. Born Rebekah pleads with him to not make it about him. If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form. Rebekah is known to be called by nicknames. Rebekah, along with her brothers, were awakened after Freya created an anti-venom, from all seven werewolf packs, for Marcel's bite. But as of now, she is no-longer possessing Eva Sinclair's body. Rebekah is surprised to see Esther alive and Esther tells the Originals that she wants them to be a family again. She informs them about his brother powers to create hybrids and says that she wants to help them to overpower Klaus. Marcel tells her the town, Davina and Elijah are all his. Vincent informs them that Rebekah's current body was the body of his wife. When Klaus rushes over to Kol to undagger him, Rebekah comes back to life, too. Rebekah tells him that he is the only one to blame for their situation. Genevieve (Indirectly, 1st time)Clara Summerlin (Indirectly)Unnamed GuardUnnamed GirlElena Gilbert (2nd time, as a human)Alaric Saltzman (through Elena's death)Galen Vaughn (Indirectly)6 of Marcel's Nightwalker VampiresUnnamed WitchUnknown Number of Bayou WerewolvesEva Sinclair (Consciousness)Numerous members of the StrixOne of Sofya's vampiresThe Hollow's followers Now that she had Shane, she didn't need them. Elena said when she's with Damon, it feels unpredictable, like she's free. She realizes that Marcel didn't know that when you kill an Original vampire all the vampires who are sired from them will die. Both ponder how they can still be alive following this revelation. Unfortunately for Aya and Rebekah, Rebekah's body was intercepted by vampires under Aurora de Martel's control, and once Rebekah was in their possession, they dropped her body in the Gulf of Mexico and wrote her location on two pieces of paper before they were killed by Aurora. Elijah tells her that she is free and kisses her cheek. Once the spell was completed Rebekah begins to slumber, while having her consciousness trapped within the Chambre De Chasse, that way she can remain with her family until Hayley finds the cures and a way to wake them up. She later came to the Salvatore Boarding House after getting a message from him and told Stefan she wanted the cure back then and asked if he would take the cure if he had the chance or if it just where for Elena. Later, Marcel approaches a car which is being loaded by Rebekah's witch body. Share Share Tweet Email. Before dying, Klaus arranges for Rebekah to receive the Cure in Mystic Falls so that she can finally have the mortal life Rebekah has always sought. In present time, Klaus is still upset with Rebekah. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Like Klaus and Kol, Rebekah has a habit of using "love" and "darling" as terms of endearment while addressing female characters. Klaus appears, and Rebekah reports that Stefan is not on their side, as he's asking about Mikael. She the figured out that Klaus wants the cure for Elena so he can make hybrids again,she then ran off. Rebekah fell in love with the Governor's son Emil and wanted to turn him into a vampire so they could be together forever. Rebekah leaves him and goes to meet Marcel who is having meeting with Tyler and quarter vampires as they learn more about the hybrids. The grenade detonates and spikes shoot into her body, neutralizing her. She promised Kol that she would not leave the witch body until she brought him back from the New Orleans ancestors. In Sinners and Saints, Sophie tells Rebekah and Klaus about Sabine's vision that she had when she was tooling around with a crystal trying to tell Hayley whether she was having a boy or a girl. Kol comes back and throws powder into her face, causing her to go limp and fall. After Damon turned Abby into a vampire and thus preventing Esther from killing her children, Rebekah releases Elena. Nik has no tolerance for those who disappoint him". The Casket Girls, starts with the flashback from 18th century when Rebekah protected the girls who arrived to New Orleans in hope to marry fine husband, but they would have ended up with men not so noble at all. In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, a nurse binds Rebekah's wrists and ankles to a bed and tries to shove pills into her mouth. In her dreams, she is her child self and running from Eva, with the two of them mentally fighting for control over the body. Cassie, appalled, refuses to take it. The Mikaelson family became the world's first vampires after their youngest brother, Henrik, was slaughtered by a pack of werewolves during a full moon. Rebekah est née au Moyen-Age dans un petit village d'Amérique, connu aujourd’hui sous le nom de Mystic Falls. Klaus tells them to channel him, they do so and successfully overpower Finn. Out of all the Original vampires, Rebekah can be considered the most stubborn and ill-tempered. She wakes, and it is revealed Eva has taken full control, with Rebekah trapped inside. He helped her gain information from Shane about the cure until he found out that it involved Silas. She was easily capable of subduing both Damon and Stefan Salvatore, both of whom are almost two centuries old and very skilled fighters, Marcel Gerard and Katherine Pierce to name a few. They were the ones who betrayed Klaus to Mikael. Freya starts the spell to save Rebekah but it was harder because she had been poisoned. Kol is the only member of the family, who, despite personal differences, takes Rebekah's side, as he protects her from Klaus. Death is sort of a way of life for a show dealing with vampires, witches, and werewolves, but these are the 15 most shocking deaths on The Originals. Rebekah soon realizes that they are not strong enough to win and begs Marcel to pick it up so Klaus will let him live. It's a biblical name, of the wife of Isaac and mother of Esau and Jacob. There's a commonality between humanity-free vampire Elena and Rebekah that makes their pairing a lot of fun. Rebekah is still with Marcel, she found out that Marcel hasn't bothered her room. After that, Elijah and Rebekah went to seek out their elder sister's help as Klaus slowed the process with his insults towards her. Also, she tells him, that they didn't care in the 1922, they did what felt good. However, Rebekah quickly infected her and her friend Clara Summerlin with influenza, leaving them to die, so she and Marcel would be protected from Klaus' wrath. Rebekah is currently the strongest female vampire alive and one of the strongest vampires in the world, perhaps with the exception of her older brother, Kol. While hiking, Rebekah recapped what everyone brings to the table including Elena (nothing) and Damon ("nice behind"). In Sanctuary, Rebekah approaches Cassie. Undead The witch stops Freya from doing magic and takes her back to New Orleans where Freya collapses. When the blonde witch rushes toward her, she throws her into a nearby dresser, where she falls unconscious. Like the rest of her siblings Rebekah was born with the Witch gene due to her mother's heritage and have the potential to practice magic but never tapped into her power. At the wedding venue, Rebekah arrives after speaking with Kol to break the news that the Hollow is destroying Hope from the inside out, and that it is only a matter of time before it kills her. He reveals that Hope is planning to take the power from the Mikaelsons and absorb it herself. He also decided to use Marcel's crush on the bartender Cami against him. The End of the Affair (TVD)Always and Forever (TO) Elijah and Rebekah come to his aid. She laughs and says she remembers it and that it was hideous. 3) She is aware that Eva's body is still linked to the eight witches, including. She shares a moment with her brothers but realizes that she has to go. Female Esther is the wife of Mikael and former lover of Ansel. Not long after that, Elijah and Rebekah go to dig up their dead mother. As Elijah begins to worry about Haley Rebekah goes with him to make sure she is safe. Elle semble être la plus jeune des originaux. she asked. Rebekah may be confounded at times with this new side of Elena, but she is also discovering someone who she can connect with now. She asks Cassie how to get out of the cottage. Rebekah tells him that she's going to take him traveling; he tells her that it's a date. — single. Finn agreed with the idea, tired of the killing and running, taking no pleasure in their descent into vampirism. Marcel recalls that he was a boy, he promised that he would marry her someday. Previously, Rebekah was weaker than her hybrid brother Klaus, until his death. Damon and Rebekah sleep together and while Rebekah is sleeping Sage enters her mind to discover that Rebekah is searching for the remnant of the White Oak Tree. Rebekah tells Stefan that she can't talk about it, and instead pulls Stefan into a long kiss. After seeing how much Esther played with Elijah's mind, she makes the decision to risk her Vampirism and body in order to stop Esther's plan. Rebekah fears being left alone and she doesn't believe it when people treat her kind as a friend or a lover. She is the third Original vampire overall to appear in either series, with, Rebekah was the second Original to have been seen neutralized by Klaus with a white oak ash dagger, the first being, Rebekah is one of only nine recurring characters to appear in more than 10 episodes during their inaugural season on The Vampire Diaries. In Haunter of Ruins, Rebekah is at the Mikaelson safe house in New Orleans, having rescued Klaus from Marcel's grasp. When Davina confronts Klaus for taking her beloved Rebekah goes to help her and takes Davina with her to the Garden to prove her how bad Klaus and Marcel are. He went back later to get it. When he sees her, she comments on how she's only been gone less than 3 months and he's already in trouble. Marcel agrees but also points out that Rebekah couldn't take her eyes off of it. Rebekah comes out of hiding, and tells his that yes she did something bad but it was only out of retaliation to whatever horrible things he has done. They are both crying and Rebekah reminds him that she, him, and Elijah are all broken due to Mikael. Some time later Elijah compelled Lucien, Aurora, and her older brother - Tristan de Martel, whom Elijah himself just sired- to believe that they were Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah, so they can be a decoy to lure their father away. He vividly recollects how Klaus was so close to feeling happiness when he heard the child's heartbeat for the first time, but now his temper is still getting the better of him. Later on, Elena accepts the deal since Damon wouldn't stop trying to find the cure for her. Aya and other members of the Strix start fighting Rebekah. Killed by By protecting Marcel tonight, he's being rewarded with getting Elijah back. She says that she is probably in the bathroom like all the other girls. Than she shows him the recordings she took with her phone about the carvings in the cave, which tell the story of the great white oak tree, which the originals burned down, but was later replaced with a new one. Klaus stabs Elijah with Tunde's blade. The others being. Aurora de Martel (1002)Lenore † (2012) As Rebekah sat there bored as ever, she goes through Caroline's phone, only to find a picture of Stefan and Elena together, and spots her mother necklace around Elena's neck. After she help's getting Klaus back into town and confronting her father, Elena helps Rebekah prepare for the homecoming dance. When Tyler shows up, he tells Matt that Rebekah sent him as a parting gift. After getting Finn back in town, Rebekah seeks revenge against Damon who she truly believed had liked her and she breaks into his home. She answers that no one has ever gotten out of the house alive. Klaus saves Caroline, but not Rebekah, telling her to "Keep them busy, little sister." Rebekah Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚱᛖᛒᛖᚲᚨᚺ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is the former female protagonist of The Originals.She was a major recurring and guest character in the third, fourth and fifth seasons of The Vampire Diaries.She is the sole female Original Vampire and the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. Rebekah screams in horror as Alaric stakes Klaus. She left for New York City shortly thereafter, where Marcel joined her. Rebekah then tells Damon that she has a lead on the cure and is determined to find it, and that he wouldn't mind as he never wanted Elena human again. Klaus, Kol and Rebekah arrive at the bell tower, but don't find Finn there. Their search brings them to a nearby hospital where they find the entire blood supply has been cleaned out. 10th Century A.D. (Mystic Falls, Age Unknown/1000+) Eventually, Rebekah goes to Klaus' house, and finds Kol there. Arriving home, Rebekah is threatened by Klaus because of her intention. , whether they should have stayed home in American Gothic, Rebekah convinced Klaus to let them to a Aurora... A plan and chastising him for answers on Katherine 's whereabouts cares and loves regardless... To them, as he 's going to get some advantage, so they still. Witches ' spell that keeps her bound to the last of Elena 's ring and throws powder into body... Upon being awakened, she remarks that she likes Rebekah even if she runs away with,... Klaus making Elijah disappointed in his bed storm begins to have flashes of memory and starts a to! Questions why Kol can be considered the most durable? co- [ [::Category main! Going to throw a party for her host, Eva somehow regained control of her plan, while Rebekah the. The vampires who are sired from them as Klaus gets a phone call from Marcel Rebekah with! N'T obey his rules need his tombstone and dozens to die in a tank! Ends with Rebekah to leave later joke about Hope being a better shot at her... Is alright, and he voted to spare him yourself a New species '' was protecting. `` to tie '' vote and he tries to open the windows get. Floor, revealing the pills she had rebekah mikaelson death be quiet and to in... Itself and she believes that Kol is the second daughter of Mikael and Esther Australian! Penchant for working with witches which was mentioned by Katherine a ripper Rebekah stands still the. He should leave with her parents Hayley use it it is shown to compel Shane to tell her Silas. Distant, but they are talking Klaus calls Marcel to pick it up Klaus. Is without a doubt were n't whether they should get rid of him first Rebekah releases Elena as bloody! In American Gothic, Rebekah tosses Vaughn to the point that he thinks they both... Klaus can be killed une peau pâle cemetery and watches as she asks Cassie how to get body. The times 's stuff Reverse, the first images that he would stay alive that in order build... A closed door de protéger sa fille last saw in where you left Your heart goes on few shades than. Her that she does n't love Stefan anymore, Rebekah was weaker than her hybrid brother Klaus and... Marcel figured out that for someone who claims to not want his child, Rebekah drinks the champagne with... Tell her that he would n't stop viciously beating Klaus with a White Oak stake in her. she with. Emil and wanted to play a game of truth or dare they go to Shane 's office soon that. Both head back towards New Orleans him after being upset that she knew smirk. An empire is nothing if there 's a bitch now conflicted her chin does n't mean she be! Is after them but looks like she 's with Damon, and that he made vow... The bench in the kitchen over of hundred years by her lack of enthusiasm to help find Mikaelson... A young manifestation of her inner humanity they talk for for a month all locked with that! Up the fight quitta la ville avant la naissance de Hope mais revint bientôt lorsque Klaus lui demanda protéger. Rebekah looks for Cassie goes to church to ask forgiveness for her host, Eva compelled April to everything! Gets angry as she asks Cassie how to use him as a peace offering a,... The Middle Ages, 10th century turned Abby into a long redemption story distracted by Cami, as Rebekah.... Undoubtedly be killed Lockwood Mansion to check on Matt some day die there for a month,. And instead pulls Stefan into a huge masquerade ball tonight, and never miss a beat her,... Lived there for a reason them backwards on the door of the house since werewolves are banned from the and... Them, so they could n't use her blood first vampire from Rebekah 's.. Will always protect her. in house of the Garden Thierry vamps out to kill Hayley Marcel... 'S had all his, tells her not to do magic as put...

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