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Mamori won the 2008 best voice actor award at the Tokyo International Anime Fair. She has been in the acting industry for many years. Famous Anime Voice actors english dub. TOKYO. This has resulted in the best K-pop boy groups to have millions of fans, not only in their country but also internationally. Here are the 10 biggest earners currently working as voice actors in the Japanese television industry today. Ryo began his acting career while still in elementary school, and he made his debut in the voice acting career as the voice Kenta Hirono, a protagonist in the 1984 anime Dream Soldier Wing Man. His net worth stands at $19 million. He was nominated for the Seiyu awards in 2007 for his role in Death Note. Categories: Japanese actors by medium. Below is a table of all the voice actors/actresses for each character (some are NPCs). She is also a singer, lyricist and radio personality. His net worth is estimated at $18 million. Voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya Photo: Kiramune StarsSource: Facebook. Famous voice actors Pre-1970s generation. He makes a total of $270,000 per year. Anime would be nothing without their hard work and dedication. The 46-year-old actor has been active in the acting since 1996, and this makes her one of the oldest and most renowned actors of this generation. She won the award for the Best Actress in the Newtype Anime Awards. Born June 8, 1983 at Saitama Prefecture, Japan, he is also known for his career as a musician. List of Japanese voice actors of foreign descent. Here they are, the most sought after English-speaking female voice actors behind some of the famous or popular Japanese anime. published an article on 15 best K-pop boy groups of all time. Hiroshi Kamiya is a Japanese voice actor from Chiba, Japan, who's been active in the industry since 1994. Yuki launched his own YouTube Channel in 2015 for reading aloud. #6 Suwabe Junichi (and his aler ego in drag) 428 votes Photo via Source Japa… Cristina Valenzuela: Announcer, Kagura; Cian Hoyne: Martis, Kaja, Hylos, Zhask, Faramis, Aldous, Helcurt; Conor Eyre: Alpha, Balmond, Saber, Gord, Jawhead, Belerick, Leomord, Thamuz, Argus, Terizla, Gusion; Joe Goffeny: Dyrroth; Jaclyn Castaneda: Wanwan, Commander Eva; Japanese Voice Actors Tank . His net worth is approximately $3 million. Update: Nov 26, 2020 +110 128. Besides being a voice actor, Suzuki is also a singer, and he is the vocalist of a Japanese band. Also, fun tourist attractions in Tokyo, the craziest Japanese game shows, and the best beers to drink in Japan. The characters listed here for each voice over actor does not fully represent their portfolio but only the characters they voiced-acted for the most popular anime series or movie. He has voiced many notable roles and is one of the best seiyuu of this generation. Her net worth is between $1 Million - $5 million. Billy West is perhaps one of the most famous voice actors working today. She is one of the famous anime voice actors. Legendary voice actors Masako Nozawa and Ryo Horikawa Photo: Akari MishimaSource: Instagram. Yūko Mizutani. At first, the NHK subtitled most foreign shows; however, shows dubbed in the Japanese language soon became the standard. Don't think for one second that the anime world only revolves around these boys to men! He has played the role of a voice actor in many animations including Kurokos Basketball, High speed free, and Gintama. There might not be a League of Legends anime, but hearing these voices, you can easily picture one in your head! The 84-year-old is married to Maasaki Tsukada, who is also a voice actor. Now the game is getting an official Japanese server, and with it some of the most popular Japanese voice actors have been cast to dub the game into Japanese. Japanese Voice Actors - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Natsuki Hanae - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Akari Kito - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Hiro Shimono - Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) Top 20 richest Bollywood actresses in the world 2020, You will not believe how rich Lauren London is, Uganda decides: Military surrounds Bobi Wine's home, say they're protecting him, Uganda election: Bobi Wine's party NUP wins all MP seats in Kampala except one, Thugs hired by ex-SDA pastor to kill wife arrived home with him, househelp, Mama Dangote says Mzee Abdul is not Diamond's father, posts photos of real dad, Askofu Margret Wanjiru atoa kauli yake baada ya Kananu kuapishwa, Dennis Mutara: Musician's fans furious after he appeared drunk during interview, Yoweri Museveni declared Ugandan president elect, netizens react on win, 15 low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree in 2020. Masako Nozawa is a Japanese actress, voice actress and narrator. The Japanese voice actor currently works for Aoni Production. The highest-paid anime voice actor was born on November 30, 1967. 30% of surveyed Japanese actors/voice actors admit to suicidal thoughts due to work. Romi Park is of Japanese Korean descent and she is popular in Japan for playing no-nonsense badass female characters. This historic voice actors from Japan list can help answer the questions "Who are some Japanese voice actors of note?" Yuki was born in Tokyo on September 3, 1985. So, who are the highest-paid voice actors in Japan? Her net worth is currently estimated at $20 million. At the 2008 Seiyu Awards, Miyano won Best Lead Actor Award for his role as Setsuna F Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 , and as Hakugen Rikuson in Kōtetsu Sangokushi . It's amazing how many famous actors have lent their voices to animated characters over the years. Today it is of no secret that the Japanese entertainment industry, when looked by the eyes of a foreigner, puts a lot of prominence among its artists. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Kenya, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Top 10 successful Kenyan actors in Hollywood 2020, 10 richest voice actors in the world in 2020, George Kagwe a.k.a M-Pesa lady family, facts and life story, Yasmin Said, Maria from Citizen TV: Quick facts and photos. Mamoru is a Japanese actor, voice actor and a singer. In addition to playing the protagonists of a variety of series, he also hosts a radio show and provides the voices for Boys Love CDs - audio stories from the BL genre. His net worth is estimated at $4.5 million. Jun has also been the cover for the October 2008 issue 28 of the magazine Voice Newtype. Please be sure to show the guys some R-E-S-P-E-C-T as well by checking out the Top 10 Favorite Male Seiyu (Voice Actors) on MAL article. You might not recognize their faces, but they voice your favorite anime characters! How much do voice actors make in Japan? Voice actors make our favorite characters memorable. Don LaFontaine, another highly accomplished voice actor, recorded more than 5,000 film trailers and hundreds of thousands of television advertisements, network promotions, and video game trailers. Theirs is a testimony that it pays to be a voice actor in Japan. She has also voiced young male characters that are aggressive but also smart. Though you may not recognize the name, his voice (or voices) is impossible to forget. He has won several awards including the best lead actor and best personality at the Third Seiyu Awards. Balmond(Tomoya Saito) Yō Inoue. You will also enjoy these pictures of voice actors who look like their characters and the best anime series of 2016. He plays the role of a protagonist and has starred in many animations including Natsumes Book of Friends where he was the voice for Natsume. The 62-year-old actor is one of the highest-paid voice actors as he has done a lot of notable works including Dragon Ball series where he was the voice for Vegeta. The junior voice actor at rank F takes home 15000 Yen or $147 per 30-minute anime. Takashi Fujii and Megumi Hayashibara at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 Photo: Junko KimuraSource: Getty Images. (1932–2014); Jesús Barrero: Voice of Rick Hunter (first voice) in Robotech, Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (fourth voice), Pegasus Seiya in Saint Seiya, and Rex in the Toy Story films (1951–2016) JP. She is currently one of the most legendary voice actresses in Japan as her talent and skill have won the hearts of many. His net worth is approximately $40 million. Photo: (modified by author)Source: UGC. He has played the role of a voice actor in many animations including Kurokos Basketball, High speed free, and Gintama. These voice actors are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known voice actor from Japan is included when available. Voice actor Jun Fukuyama Photo: Black Butler FanSource: Facebook, Jun Fukuyama is a Japanese voice actor and singer. This list of Japanese voice actors and actresses (known as seiyu or seiyuu) include Maaya Sakamoto, Kana Hanazawa, Mamoru Miyano, and more. She also lends her voice to the dubbing of Western shows that air in Japan. Japanese actors Ayumi Ito and Takahiro Sakurai at the 62nd Venice Film Festival Photo: Chris JacksonSource: Getty Images. and "Who are the most famous voice actors from Japan?" Compared to an average voice actor in the west, Japanese seiyuu do not make nearly as much money, but they pocket a significant sum. Japan TV Drama & Movie Guide: Best Japanese Actors to Watch. Here are 25 champions, and their voice actors in alphabetical order. Name of Mobile Legends Voice Actors. Today, let’s shake things up a little by looking at Japan — have you wondered which Japanese celebrities are the most popular on Instagram? Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this article. Retrieved from " ". Although Japanese manga and anime has become famous throughout the world for years and many people know some of the great authors (called mangakas), the world of Japanese movies and dramas has not yet become so well known. 35 images (& sounds) of the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward cast of characters. Retrieved from " ". Voice actors by nationality. If you're trying to find out the names of famous Japanese voice actors then this list is the perfect resource for you. This is a list of male voice actors that record their voice in Japanese anime! Japan treats its voice actors, or seiyuu, like rock stars. He has kept details about the salary he earns per year under wraps. Masako Nozawa and Goku attend the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F world premiere at the Egyptian Theatre Photo: Justin BakerSource: Getty Images. The ranks are from A to F, with A being the highest. Anna. Tatsuhisa Suzuki is one of the oldest voice actors in Japan. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes many great Japanese female voice actors, such as Rie Takahashi, Miyuki Sawashiro, Ayane Sakura, Rie Kugimiya and Masako Nozawa. Japanese voice actors might not be paid as much money as their counterparts in the west. Name. Top on this list of highest-paid voice actors in japan is Megumi. We were superbly pleased to see that Kiko Mizuhara made the list, cementing her popularity despite a few hiccups throughout 2016. Yuzuru Fujimoto. Best known for his voice as Yagami Light from Death Note, Mamoru Miyano is one of the most prominent voice actors of Japan. Because of their bankability as voice actors, their careers have stretched over decades, and they have managed to amass a significant amount of wealth. Yūji Fujishiro. Born-October 11, 1980 (age 36) Saitama Prefecture, Japan Occupation-Voice actor Years active-1999–present Notable work-Gintama ;The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Chobits ;Sket Dance ;BlazBlue ; JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ;Fire Emblem Awakening ; Assassination Classroom ;Danganronpa ;Persona 5 He has played several voices including Yuuta in Love, Chunibiyo & other Delusions and Ichimatsu in Osomatsu-San. Hanazawa began her acting career as a voice artist while still in college and has continued to be a voice in the industry till now. The 15 best K-pop boy groups include Shinhwa, EXO, TVXQ, Got7, BTS, Monsta X, g.o.d, Super Junior, Ateez, Big Bang, HOT, Infinite, Wanna One, NCT, and Seventeen. She earns approximately $630,000 every year, and she is one of the top-selling seiyuu in the country. Megumi is the highest-paid Seiyuu in Japan. Besides acting, he has also released several albums. He was born on June 8, 1983, and has done many great works including Death Note, Soul Eater, and Wolf rain. Nov. 6, 2020 06:00 am JST Nov. 6, 2020 | 06:46 am JST 12 Comments By Katy Kelly, SoraNews24. Edward Elric is the best example of her work. Ono is famous for being the Japanese dubbing voice of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series (2001 to 2011). She is one of the highest-paid voice actresses. #1 Kamiya Hiroshi (left) 630 votes & #2 Ono Daisuke (right) 503 votes Sample roles: Levi (Kamiya) and Erwin (Ono) from Attack On Titan Sample roles: Izaya (Kamiya) and Shizuo (Ono) from Durarara #3 Fukuyama Jun 452 votes Sample role: Kevin Cecil fromMakai Ouji: Devils and Realist #4 Kaji Yuuki 443 votes Sample role: Eren Jaeger fromAttack On Titan #5 Miyano Mamoru 432 votes Sample role: Matsuoka Rin from Free! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. These men have also record their voice for films, and video games as well! His net worth is estimated at around $1.3 million. Hiroshi is currently one of the most popular voice actors in the country. Hiroshi is a Japanese voice actor who has been in the industry since 1994. ... 2020, with the headline 'Japanese voice actors to wed'. Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata. Besides being a voice actor, Takahiro is also a great narrator. Entertainment and Studiopolis. The pay is solely dependent on the rank, and rising in rank depends on experience and popularity. On the other hand, a veteran voice actor at rank A makes approximately 45000 Yen or $443 per 30-minute episode. ... 1988) is an American actress and voice artist who has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime series and video games with Funimation, Bang Zoom! Voice actor Yuki Kaji Photo: Yuki KajiSource: Instagram. He got his start in radio in the 80’s just soon progressed the voice over work on the Howard Stern show. His notable works include being the voice of Kabuto Hanadori in A Destructive God Sits Next To Me, Tentomon in Digimon Adventure, and Niko in Drifting Dragons. Famous Voice Actors including Tom Kenny, Seth MacFarlane, Arin Hanson, Steven Ogg, Nick Wolfhard and many more. Currently, she is the narrator of the remake Digimon Adventure 2020. Japanese actors possess little different look as compared to other actors as they have beautiful eyes and handsome looks. Yasuo Yamada. Voice actress Kana Hanazawa Photo: As KenkyuukaiSource: Instagram. Meet Maria Citizen TV cast; what are the real names of the actors and actressess? He is famous as the voice of Eren Yeager in the Attack on Titan Anime. The voice actor occupations in Japan include anime, audio dramas and video games. Jorge Arvizu (Voice of Bugs Bunny, Fred Flintstone ("Pedro Picapiedra"), Ringo Starr, and George Harrison in The Beatles animated series.) The data is pull from the { { Character Infobox }} on each character page. He is currently being represented by the Axl One production. She earns approximately $360,000 per year. This list of Japanese voice actors and actresses (known as These men are famous because they love voicing cartoon characters that can relate to them! At the centre of the first voice acting boom were actors like Nachi Nozawa, who dubbed the same foreign actors, in Nozawa's case Alain Delon, Robert Redford, and Giuliano Gemma. Let’s take a look at the top 10 male seiyu (voice actors) on MyAnimeList to find out! First time hearing about the voice actress for Naruto in Japanese ^^ Even in English, Naruto is voiced by a girl, as well :D Pikachu sounds like the Japanese version of the English Rini, in Sailor Moon (1992). She is affiliated with I'm... Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川 智之, Morikawa Toshiyuki, born January 26, 1967) is a Japanese voice... Mayumi Tanaka (田中 真弓, Tanaka Mayumi, born Abe (阿部), born January 15, 1955) is a Japanese... Ikue Ōtani (大谷 育江, Ōtani Ikue, born August 18, 1965) is a Japanese actress, voice actress and... Jun Fukuyama (福山 潤, Fukuyama Jun, born November 26, 1978) is a Japanese voice actor and singer... Rie Tanaka (田中 理恵, Tanaka Rie, born January 3, 1979, in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan) is a... Minako Kotobuki (寿 美菜子, Kotobuki Minako, born September 17, 1991) is a Japanese actress, voice... Eriko Nakamura is a Japanese voice actress from Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture affiliated with... Tarō Ishida (石田 太郎, Ishida Tarō, March 16, 1944 – September 21, 2013), born Gentarō Ishida (石田... Maaya Sakamoto (坂本 真綾, Sakamoto Maaya, born March 31, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress and... Yūko Gotō (後藤 邑子, Gotō Yūko, born August 28) is a Japanese voice actress and singer who was... Goro Inagaki (稲垣 吾郎, Inagaki Gorō, born (1973-12-08)December 8, 1973) is a Japanese musician... Akira Ishida (石田 彰, Ishida Akira, born November 2, 1967) is a Japanese voice actor and... Takehito Koyasu (子安 武人, Koyasu Takehito, born May 5, 1967 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture) is... Kazuhiko Inoue (井上 和彦, Inoue Kazuhiko, born March 26, 1954) is a Japanese voice actor and... Kikuko Inoue (井上 喜久子, Inoue Kikuko, born September 25, 1964 as 井之上 喜久子 (pronounced... Houko Kuwashima (桑島 法子, Kuwashima Hōko, born December 12, 1975) is a Japanese voice actress... pictures of voice actors who look like their characters. These prominent voice actors of Japan may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected Japanese voice actors. They give characters, well... character! They also provide narration to documentaries and other programmers similar to that. Menu. List of notable or famous voice actors from Japan, with bios and photos, including the top voice actors born in Japan and even some popular voice actors who immigrated to Japan. The woman of a thousand voices frequently takes on to perform the theme song of anime she takes part in. The voice actor and singer is affiliated with the agency VIMS and is one of the most famous male anime voice actors in Japan. Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Kantō region, Saitama, East Asia, Honshu, The best inventors, lawyers, actors, producers, and bands from Japan. His debut album, 'Break' was released on March 2009. Rarity. Voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki Photo: Tatsuhisa SuzukiSource: Instagram. His net worth is approximately $3 million. The salary of these Japanese voice actors is based on the ranking system for seiyuu. Details about her current net worth have been kept under wraps. Leigh began acting at the age of six. He won the Best Voice Actor award at the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair. She predominantly plays male roles which earned him the nickname "The Eternal Boy". However, the highest-paid voice actors in Japan are making it big in the industry. Photos of the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (Game) voice actors. Most people think that if you get famous in Japan you'll get paid. Koharu Kusumi (久住 小春, Kusumi Koharu, born July 15, 1992 in Niigata Prefecture) is a Japanese... Masako Nozawa (野沢 雅子, Nozawa Masako, born October 25, 1936) is a Japanese actress and voice... Kana Hanazawa (花澤 香菜, Hanazawa Kana, born February 25, 1989) is a Japanese voice actress and... Megumi Hayashibara (林原 めぐみ, Hayashibara Megumi, born March 30, 1967) is a Japanese voice... Mamoru Miyano (宮野 真守, Miyano Mamoru, born June 8, 1983) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and... Hiroshi Kamiya (神谷 浩史, Kamiya Hiroshi, born January 28, 1975) is a Japanese voice actor,... Ayane Sakura is a Japanese voice actress from Tokyo, Japan.

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