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According to preceding Spirit Detective Kuroko Sanada, Sensui was said to have had an air of someone with many thoughts on their mind; always thinking in order to keep himself sane and afloat. Weaknesses: Suffers from a terminal illness with limited time left to live, otherwise nothing notable. He wanted to be reborn in the Demon World, and get there by any possible means. 4 Vs. Toguro (Dark Tournament Finals) ... 2 Vs. Sensui (Underground Caverns) Yusuke's penultimate battle with Shinobu Sensui has him taking over the first round by simply adapting to the ex-Spirit Detective's complex martial style. Sensui is refined, polite, calm, and hardworking, whereas Yusuke is hotheaded, foulmouthed, lazy, and shows little to no respect for authority figures. As such, since a young age, Sensui was born into a life where he would be forced to learn on his own how to defend himself against something others could not grasp nor see, and often have to fight back against demons as a common occurrence. However in the anime, he was visibly disturbed by having to kill numerous encroaching demons while in Demon World, and he had a curious sense of honor which shone through when he allowed Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei to attempt to avenge Yusuke's death. In the anime television series, Sensui is voiced by Rokurō Naya in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English. — Shinobu Sensui. In his dying breath he thanks Yusuke and felt for the first time, that he enjoyed his fight. Kuroro vs. Shinobu sensui Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome Archive' started by Atlast, Jan 6, 2006. It is from this mastery of spiritual power, that Sensui derives his code name. With all of them defeated, Yusuke comes through the barrier, riding on Pu with Koenma. But as the mission lead into the Feast of Human Vices, horrified by what he had witnessed, and his mind on the verge of snapping, Sensui flew into a rage and slaughtered everyone there, but flashbacks in the anime hint at Sakyo and several bodyguards leaving before Sensui suffers his psychotic break. With Itsuki, and learning that he was diagnosed with a severe form of terminal cancer, the two would then assemble a team of seven psychics that was intended to help bring an end to the human race. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sensui is one of three Spirit Detectives we see in Yu Yu Hakusho, but Sensui succumbs to madness during his time as the chosen one. Due to the trauma and feeling immense responsibility for the aftermath of the mission, Koenma dismissed Sensui from his duties of Spirit Detective., By adding Spirit Energy to this style, Sensui created a new fighting style that he calls. They break through the kekkai and arrive in Demon World, where Sensui transforms into his first battle armor, forcing Hiei to put all his strength in the Dragon of the Darkness Flame and absorb it to further increase his power. His seven personalities may be a reference to the seven-headed Beast of Revelation. When Itsuki comes forward to take Sensui’s dead body away, in the anime he says that Sensui’s desire was to be killed by the strongest demon in the Demon World, which turned out to be the reborn Yusuke, which must have made him happy. Besides changing Sensui’s motivation from wanting to be reborn as a demon to wanting to die by a demon’s hand, the anime leaves a little part of Sensui’s death speech out. In the midst of this battle, Sensui does the unexpected by firing a point-range energy blast through Yusuke, and then revealing a even more unexpected surprise, the "Sensui" he was fighting was one of his seven different personalities, being the suave Minoru, who had now been replaced by the psychotic and homicidal Kazuya. He normally kept his hair short in a Caesar cut, with a bang arching slightly over his forehead. Toguro is a tall man, standing easily over nine feet, being so large that his brother can sit on his shoulders and look vastly smaller in comparison. In a flashback dating back to his times as a student, he was seen wearing a gakuran, a Western-style school uniform. These differences were in fact one of the primary reasons why Koenma decided to hire Yusuke to be Sensui's successor as Spirit Detective; after witnessing the problems that Sensui's dedication, intelligence, philosophical musings and inability to cope with shades of grey had ultimately caused him, Koenma decided that someone less intellectually and morally developed along with having less dedication might have an easier time coping with the potential encounters that would challenge their school of thought while on the job. The original Shinobu personality, before his madness took hold, held extreme black and white views on the nature of the world. Sensui knowing that his key to his goal was still powerless, he would decide to return him with the condition of the group defeating Gourmet. Range: Standard melee range. Suddenly, Raizen takes over Yusuke's body and changes his appearance, as well as his power. Yusuke fires a spirit gun, but it harmlessly curves from the target. Upon his reemergence from the recesses of his psyche during his first fight with Yusuke, the original Shinobu personality retained the polite demeanor of his youth, but was openly and obviously deranged, laughing madly when he activated his Sacred Energy for the first time. His fighting style completely changes once he activates his Sacred Energy, because the style depends on which type of armor he's activated: the ultimate defense or the ultimate offense. After Kurama had easily dealt with "Gourmet" (who turned out to be Elder Toguro, who had long since taken over the witless man's body), Itsuki would separate the group by having his Uraotoko "devour" them and spit out Yusuke, so that he and Sensui could fight without interference. Its heavily implied Sensui's soul still resides in his body, unwilling to leave; as he did not wish to go to Spirit World, its likely Itsuki will keep his body preserved to prevent his soul from leaving. Hiei's dragon pushes Sensui through the portal Itsuki opened. He wore a casual long-sleeved gray shirt, dark gray jeans with a matching black belt on his waist and a matching shoes making his outfit into a shades of gray. Koenma tries to dissuade Yusuke from fighting Sensui, but he charges into battle anyway, asking Sensui to at least take his life with flash. As he developed more and more of these personalities, his original self rarely ever surfaced at all. Toguro sports a stereotypical military crewcut hairstyle, and has a long, pointed chin. Sensui first appears in the ruins of the Dark Tournament after being drawn by a mysterious energy signal from Elder Toguro, who was then placed in a fishing tank to recover his power while informing the former Spirit Detective of his successor's actions. He was a former Spirit Detective in his youth due to his prodigious talents and skills, while he originally thought that all demons were evil and the humans were good, his perspective completely changed after witnessing the acts of the Black Black Club. Still curious as to the spectrum of the worst aspects mankind held, Sensui took the Chapter Black tape from Spirit World's archives and left back to the Human World with the intent of understanding mankind's potential for evil. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. As he and Yusuke fight, all of Sensui's personalities begin conversing. The rampage, combined with Sensui's guilt and his inability to adapt his thought processes to reality, caused him to develop dissociative identity disorder, creating the first of his additional personalities, the sadistic murderer Kazuya, to take responsibility for all the killing he had done. Hiei unleashes the Dragon of the Darkness Flame and Kurama transforms into his former self. He wears a yellow steel pointy hat which it was connected to his yellow armor. And then, Sensui's other personalities begin to emerge, reverting the score almost instantaneously. They are a group of seven figures gathered and led by Shinobu Sensui to assist him in completing the Makai Tunnel in order to let loose an army of demons to kill everyone on Earth. Intelligence: Gifted (The mastermind of the Chapter Black plot which involved opening a portal to the demon world, manipulated the spirit world and human authorities, good leader, master martial artist, good combat strategist, and was able to predict Yusuke's movement in minutes within just fighting him). Over time, Itsuki's stories and nature began to convince Sensui that demons were not all as evil as he had once believed, but he largely maintained his views that humans were good and deserved protection while demons, by and large, were evil and deserved to die if caught in the human world. Trying to avoid sin is an invitation to crash and burn, but for Shinobu Sensui, there is now no other choice. I don't want to destroy the world, on the contrary; I like flowers, and trees, insects and animals. Sensui. Notably, when Yusuke and Kuwabara witnessed the tortures that Gonzo Tarukane (a human) was inflicting on Yukina (a demon) for his own petty reasons, they were able to take in the knowledge without having their beliefs turned upside down unlike what happened to Sensui and the events surrounding his breakdown. Unable to cope not only with the contradiction to his black and white views of the world, but the fact that he had unwittingly slaughtered many demons who may not have deserved it, Sensui went on a murderous rampage and butchered virtually all of the attendees. Concerning his death, there are differences surrounding it in the manga and anime: In the manga, when Koenma asks Sensui why he’s been so obsessed with making a portal to Demon World, he explains that he simply wanted to come here. As he matured however, these gifts burdened him with their uncontrollable presence, including allowing him to naturally see apparitions and demons, and even attracted demonic entities to try and attack him due to them sensing his immense spiritual power in turn. Itsuki goes on, saying that in the end Shinobu overcame the different personalities he created to deal with his internal contradictions, becoming the pure Shinobu he once was, and perhaps his soul has been partially saved. After a short dominance of both unpredictable sadism and insanity, Kazuya had defeated Yusuke in a few shots of his blasts, and was about to kill him, when Koenma shows up in an attempt to have his former detective call off his ludicrous ambition or be sealed away forever by his Mafuuken. Messages: 69 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 6 Joined: Jan 3, 2006. Tens of kilometers with projectiles, Planetary with earthquakes. He would then send Doctor and Seaman as guinea pigs to test Yusuke's morality and awaken Kuwabara's new power. This is my Thirs Greatest anime/manga villains and i decided to do Sensui. However, his views of the world began to change somewhat after meeting the demon Itsuki, who was accepted by Shinobu as his partner despite being a demon. Shinobu Sensui also known as theBlack Angel, was the primary antagonist of theChapter Black Saga. Yusuke realizing this, would chase them with a bike, only to be stopped by Sniper; while Sensui and his group would escape to their hideout. Sensui tells the group that the apocalypse was never his true intention, it was to be killed by a demon to make amends with all the demons he had so naively killed without any thought of the consequences. Resshūken (裂蹴拳, literally translated as Fissure Kick Fist; VIZ; Lightning Kickboxing): An elegant fighting style that is only available to fighters that have mastered all other forms of martial arts. If the opponent's caught then he/she will be caught multiple times. He is often seen wearing sharp black sunglasses… These three personalities were never named in the manga or anime, but were described by the author in a later interview. After a short fight, Sensui had become immune to Yusuke's attacks and even negated the Mafukan afterwards, when Koenma used it as a last resort. The two clash energies, then proceed to melee fight, with Sensui gaining the upper hand. It was revealed the reason behind Sensui's hesitation was because his instincts sensed Yusuke's dormant demon blood and knew killing Yusuke would trigger his rebirth. He wore a casual long-sleeved dark shirt and dark jeans. As Kazuya, Sensui fights in a more brutal, sadistic manner. His long limbs gave the illusion of a slender build, though in reality, while he was not bulky, his torso at least was both very muscular and very heavily scarred, both of whi… Genkai was the one to identify and name this fighting style during the first confrontation between Sensui and Yusuke. Though the unusual length of his limbs gave the illusion of a slend… Sensui senses great demon energy radiating from his body, and is amused by the fact that a demon hunter has become the demon. Since birth, Sensui was said by Koenma to have been naturally gifted with immense innate spiritual power. For instance, Sensui's second confrontation with Yusuke was the first time the original Shinobu personality had expressed itself in many months prior. Yu Yu Hakusho is the property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Funimation Entertainment, and Fuji TV Sensui raises his arm and summons a tornado in the process that envelopes its opponent. As such, he was as virtuous as humanly possible to those whom he considered righteous, but was utterly ruthless with regard to all those who he believed to be evil. Just as his friends escape, Sensui impales Yusuke with a single finger and kills him, sending Kuwabara and the others into a rage that jump their powers from B Class to A Class immediately. However, his demon energy gives his location away and they carry on with the fight. After Koenma's explanation of his past, Sensui and Hagiri would appear to the protagonists with the implied intention of testing his power against Yusuke, who he manage to dominate with superior fighting style and energy manipulation; although it is truly to draw out Kuwabara so that he could be more easily captured by Gamemaster and Gourmet. However, Yusuke refused to give up. Hiei and Kurama attempt to stop Yusuke from fighting (insisting they each have one-on-ones with Sensui instead), but he confronts Sensui himself. Whether this was a metaphor for his illness or was used as inspiration for it is up for debate. Sensui has seven points of hair on his forehead, and his Offense armor has seven spikes around the shoulders. Its in human nature to lie, bully, and hurt people. However, Sensui realizes that if it hit home, he'd have been beaten. The energy they release cause demons to join their fight, forcing Sensui to slay them once more. In the anime however, he explains that Demon World is the home of the demons, so when he started having doubts about his simplistic black-and-white world view, he started wondering what had happened to all those demons he had killed without even thinking about it. After a long and hard fought bout, Yusuke caught Sensui off-guard and used the opportunity to pummel him. Similarly, their fighting styles are different; where Sensui uses the elegant martial arts style of Resshūken that revolves around kicks and mostly deflects and counters his opponent's attacks, Yusuke uses a brash and unrefined street-fighting style centered around punches and prefers to charge forward and pummel his enemies. In seconds, Shinobu manages to break Yusuke's arm, stomp on him several times, dodge his punches and shake his hand before he could even react, it became even worse when Shinobu revealed his true power: Sacred Energy, a force that was so powerful that the cavern began to crumble around them. This detaches them from humanity, making them similar to ascended beings, as seen with Yomi, Mukuro and Raizen, three S-classes that have managed to rule the Makai for centuries. The elder Toguro has a somewhat elderly and bedraggled Northern European-like appearance, contrasting with his younger brother's Southern European appearance. However, the tape's visceral and extreme real life footage of historic events of the worst of mankind would only create more questions and paradoxes onto the values and broken psyche of his, and in turn would only lead him to despise humanity even greater than the demons he had fought. Knowing that there was now an opposition to his goals, Sensui would begin his opening of a tunnel to Makai to begin the end of humanity by enlisting five psychics to aid him, with Kaname Hagiri being the most loyal of his followers. Sensui was a tall, broad shouldered, long-limbed man with tan skin, an ovoid jewel in the middle of his forehead and a rather long neck. He was a former Spirit Detective in his youth due to his prodigious talents and skills, while he originally thought that all demons were evil and the humans were good, his perspective completely changed after witnessing the acts of the Black Black Club. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, threat to destroy an entire country like Japan, trigger a highly destructive earthquake on a global scale, or into a blue armor that can augment his offensive strength. As Sensui fomented his plan to wipe out humanity, he developed six other personalities to both carry out and take responsibility for all the immoral actions he would need to perform. Though the unusual length of his limbs gave the illusion of a slender build, on one occasion after he lost his shirt it was seen that his torso was quite muscular. Below is a list of the members of the Sensui Seven in the YuYu Hakusho series. He wore a casual long-sleeved gray shirt, dark gray jeans with a matching black belt on his waist and a matching shoes making his outfit into a shades of gray. Toguro-ani | Elder Toguro; Sensui Shinobu; Itsuki (YuYu Hakusho) Psychological Trauma; Torture; Body Horror; Summary. The Shinobu Seven are the main antagonists of the "Chapter Black" arc of the Yu Yu Hakusho manga and anime. Sensui's power was so great, that he held a distinct advantage over Yusuke, even in his demon form. Yusuke urges Sensui to move, but Sensui suffers a fatal blow from the blast. He thanks Yusuke for making him enjoy fighting for just a brief moment and then says that he’s certain he’ll be reborn as a demon this time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Toguro sports a stereotypical military crewcut hairstyle, and has a long, pointed chin. This occasion also revealed that his torso, shoulders and arms were all covered with a great deal of heavy scarring, which Sensui inflicted upon himself as part of his combat training. In the end, even their species differed, with Yusuke becoming a demon hybrid and Sensui dying a human. As a result of his training for this martial art, his physique is extremely well developed, to the point where Yusuke compared hitting him to punching a tractor tire. At one point, after punching Sensui repeatedly in the stomach, Yusuke had to take a somewhat comical time-out while Sensui was down to nurse his battered hand. It is implied this "completeness" is required to master Seikoki as Shinobu stated he is the only one to be able to use Seikoki. While Sensui treated his job as an honor, Yusuke saw it as more of a chore. He normally kept his hair slicked back, with a bang arching slightly over his forehead. Yusuke lands a kick and then hits Sensui with a barrage of punches, only for him to move out of the way, still unfazed. After learning that the human race which he had fought to protect up until then was nothing but scum, he began to loathe having the same blood as them flowing inside him. With enough time, Yusuke recovers and easily beats Kazuya; forcing the gentle, yet brutally efficient original persona Shinobu to appear. Shinobu Sensui vs Naruto Universe Anime and Manga - Naruto This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Sensui is the former detective of spiritual world which become stronger after 10 years of practicing sacred spirit. After the two decide to change locations, Yusuke starts to catch up and begins fighting on par with Sensui, neither able to push each other back. In the manga, when describing his past, Sensui says that as a kid he soon “got used to the blood on his clothes nobody else could see” (from fighting demons) and believed the world was comprised of good and evil, even thinking that wars always involved a good country fighting an evil one. In his younger years, he had an unstyled haircut and wore clothes similar to his current attire but in a shades of blue as his long sleeved shirt is indigo and his jeans are medium blue while retaining his black shoes from his current attire. Shinobu Sensui. His appearance is remarkably similar to that of a Central-Asian man - unlike his European-appearing older brother - bearing a noticeable, tannish skin color. His skin is also extremely pale. The Sensui Seven (Doctor, Gatekeeper, Seaman, Dark Angel, Sniper, Gamemaster, Gourmet). He normally kept his hair slicked back, with a bang arching slightly over his forehead. Shinobu Sensui (仙水忍) also known as the Black Angel, was the main antagonist of the Chapter Black Saga, as well as a former Spirit Detective in his youth, having to been recruited by Koenma for his prodigious talents and his unequaled sense of right and wrong. YuYu Hakusho Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He then passes. Stuck in a cold, damp cave with two people who are totally indifferent to him and one that hates his guts for reasons unknown. Even with less than half of his power, he was able to trigger a highly destructive earthquake on a global scale; full power should exceed 2 Petatons of TNT) | At least Continent level, likely higher (Defeated three upper A Class at once without much effort and holding back, also traded punches with Yusuke) | At least Continent level, likely higher (Destroyed the Beheaded Hill, Kurama stated Sensui is still a bit stronger than Yusuke, even if this is ignored the fact that Yusuke couldn't control his new power, giving Hokushin's demon power who is a low S-Class, Sensui has at least a power level around 20,000), Speed: High Hypersonic (Casually reacted to and countered Yusuke’s Reigan) | High Hypersonic | Massively Hypersonic (Blitzed Yusuke) | Massively Hypersonic (He was fighting evenly with Yusuke) | Massively Hypersonic, Lifting Strength: At least Class M (Yusuke's equal) | At least Class M | Class G | At least Class G, likely higher | At least Class G, likely higher, Striking Strength: At least Large Town Class (His punches are strong enough to hurt Yusuke who can tank 100% Toguro's punches) | At least Large Town Class | Continent Class (Broke Yusuke's arm effortlessly) | Likely Continent Class, likely higher (Was trading equal blows with Post-Resurrection Yusuke) | At least Continent Class, likely higher (Destroyed the Beheaded Hill with a shockwave of his punch, the Beheaded Hill in size can be compared to matured Ouken Trees which are island sized), Durability: At least Large Town level (Tanked punches from Yusuke) | At least Large Town level | Continent level (Tanked a bloodlusted Hiei's Jaō Ensatsu Kokuryūha without any damage, at that point Hiei was an upper A class demon) | At least Continent level, likely higher (Hiei's Jaō Ensatsu-ken wasn't even able to scratch his defensive armor) | At least Continent level, likely higher (It took a massive beating from a Raizen Possessed Yusuke to put Sensui down), Stamina: Very high (He really has not shown to tire, during his fight with Yusuke, while they were destroying their surroundings and running around, pacing back and forth, he was actually enjoying himself). His black-and-white perspective of the world, and the true nature of humans, consumed his mind so much that he subconsciously developed dissociative identity disorder in an attempt to protect himself from the truths that his beliefs would not allow him to accept. This perspective enabled him to kill demons for years, often quite brutally, without feeling even the slightest hint of regret or remorse. Four of these six are nameless (in the official story), and three of these four have tasks for which they were created. He also appeared to have little issue both hurting and killing at least humans without any mental shielding from his additional personalities, as he not only killed Yusuke but rather sadistically broke his arm while making a pun about it. Throughout his job as Spirit Detective, Sensui wasn't satisfied so Sensui was partnered with Itsuki, much in the same capacity as Botan is to Yusuke; it is revealed that he was once sent to hunt him down, but Itsuki convinced him otherwise and then became his partner. After being saved by Hiei, the group enters the cave to combat in a intellectual and drawn-out battle with Gamemaster, Tsukihito Amanuma; resulting in the unfortunate death of the misguided child. The portal itself was just a gift to the demons; his real goal was simply to die in Demon World, and he’s glad he got to do it. Standard Equipment: Gun Arm as Kazuya, can materialize defensive and offensive armours with his Sacred Energy. After his death soon after, Itsuki honors his dying wish to not be judged by the spirit realm takes his body away to a pseudo-space for them to be alone for all eternity.[1]. Sensui would take a tactical retreat in the car Gamemaster was driving with Kuwabara held captive. The English dubs pronounce this as "Reshuyuken." Shinobu Sensui (仙水忍, Sensui Shinobu) also known as the Black Angel, was the main antagonist of the Chapter Black Saga, as well as a former Spirit Detective in his youth, having been recruited by Koenma for his prodigious talents and his unequaled sense of right and wrong. In 112 episodes, there wasn’t a character who had more complexity than Shinobu Sensui. While Yusuke had ignorantly desired that his opponent be treated, Itsuki then reveals that he was to die in half a month anyway. Possibly due to creating six other personalities to specialize in certain tasks, Shinobu has been known to be more complete than the other six personalities as it was stated his anger, calmness and the other polarizing aspects of his personality come together. Tier: At least High 7-C | At least High 7-C | 6-A | At least 6-A, likely higher | At least 6-A, likely higher, Name: Shinobu Sensui (Minoru, Kazuya, and Naru are other names he's been called but Shinobu is his original name), Gender: Male (His main and the rest of his personalities are male, except Naru who is female), Classification: Human, Martial Artist, Former Spirit Detective, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Flight, Ki Manipulation, Reiki Manipulation, Sacred Energy Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Earthquakes Generation, Multiple Personalities, Body Control (Kazuya personality can form a gun from his arm that shoots spirit energy), Master of the Reshuken martial art style (Apparently mastered all other martial arts as well, combined with sacred energy it forms the ultimate Reikōresshūken), Creation (Can create two types of armors for himself, a golden armor that focuses mainly on defense and a blue armor that focuses mainly on offense), Enhanced Senses and Extrasensory Perception (Noted that the power of Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara has increased), Attack Potency: At least Large Town level (Stalemated Yusuke's full power Reigan) | At least Large Town level (Doesn't focus on AoE attacks, but his energy bullets are powerful enough to hurt Yusuke, who can tank 100% Toguro's punches without damage) | Continent level (Is a human with low S-Class power, such power is considered a threat to destroy an entire country like Japan. His views on the natures of humans and demons were turned disastrously upside down after witnessing a horrifying ritualistic celebration known as "The Feast of Human Vices", at which humans were sadistically torturing demons to death for their own pleasure. When Sensui started releasing his Sacred Energy, Hiei mentions that if Sensui was a demon, his energy levels would have been S-class, even though he was still suppressing his true power and openly saying that he was using less than half.

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